rooms and exits toy store: key points to escape rooms explained, watch and escape in 5 minutes!

rooms and exits toy store


I.rooms and exits toy store – rooms in boxes

II.rooms and exits chapter 1 level 29 toy store

  1. rooms and exits toy store train
  2. rooms and exits toy store video

III. rooms and exits candy shop

IV.rooms and exits walkthrough coffee shop

V.rooms and exits furniture store

VI.rooms and exits toy store level 30

I. rooms and exits toy store - rooms in boxes

Decryption class, escape the room series of games has always been popular, and in the recent popularity of the world, rooms and exits launched in this kind of decryption series has gained a good reputation,The rooms and exits toy store level has gained a lot of buzz, rooms and exits this game to create a different scene,each scene to the box for the room design, 360 ° no dead angle for a comprehensive decryption.

rooms and exits toy store to create an immersive feeling, usually each level using different scene settings, bring players a different experience, while matching the storyline with the collocation, as well as the characters of the main line and compound clues, so that rooms and exits toy store more appealing, in order to suit the needs of the girls, to reduce the horror elements, all the In order to suit the needs of girls, reduce the horror elements, all aspects of careful design, just to create the best game.

rooms and exits toy store its decryption is very special and challenging, put it on the 29th floor is not without reason, in the full of children’s rooms and exits toy store will happen what interesting decryption, I believe that is everyone is very curious.

here I give an example, for example, dominoes decryption, back to the The first room. In front of a pile of dominoes there is a control panel, will just get the dominoes on the control panel, where you have to change the position of the three pieces of dominoes, the third dominoes of the top number set to 4. The sixth dominoes of the top number of 6, the bottom number of 4, the top number of the constant deduction. There is also the use of a combination of toys and puzzles, like the train toy puzzle is also very difficult, it is difficult to find the head and tail, the law in the mess still need you to explore, like to solve the mystery must not miss this rooms and exits toy store.

rooms and exits toy store trapped in the train how to open the door, how to open this problem really too many friends! If you want to explore and decrypt rooms and exits toy store by yourself, please don’t read this, if you want to get rooms and exits toy store answers, here is a detailed decryption process for you:

First, in the first room of rooms and exits toy store, where the mouse doll is placed in the center, you have to open the box above it with a wrench, where you can get a few blocks (very useful), and a bunch of grapes.

(I’m going to omit how to open the door to the second room here, but I can remind you that the door to the second room is a combination lock, which needs to be connected to an electric wire, so you’ll need to find the hairdryer and detach the hairdryer’s power cord, and use it to connect the combination lock to the power source!)

Once you enter the second room of the rooms and exits toy store, collect the exploding head doll on the table (key clue), as well as the pear and a paper ball behind the second figure in the second row placed on the cabinet (very important).

Then rearrange the fruits you’ve collected in the way the dolls are color-coded, and a pattern like this will appear above the fruit stand. I should mention that there is a rag on the left side of the fruit stand, so collect it, you’ll need it later!

Then click on rooms and exits toy store the second room on the far left side of this mini toy house, press the pattern of the fruit stand to turn on the lights in the corresponding room. (By the way, the first frame of the small room you can get a train pull switch button, collect it quickly, very important!)

Once the room lights in the toy house are turned on, it reveals two props, a key and a comb. The key opens the gift box shaped like a love heart on the table, which has an indistinct pattern on it.

Use the comb you get to comb the hair of the exploding head doll, another paper ball will fall out of the hair, combine this with the previously collected paper balls and this complete pattern will appear.

Then arrange the 16 pallets on the door to the left in the same way as the pattern, and you’ll get three blocks as well as a detergent.

Combine the detergent with a rag and use it to clean the blurry pattern on the heart gift box, and a very clear pattern will appear! Then press the pattern to open the door to the third room.

Enter the third room of the rooms and exits toy store. Does the pattern of the balloon in the center tell you something? In the first room of rooms and exits toy store, the balloons on the wall are arranged according to this pattern, and the door on the train track opens! This is the light of day for the train!

Go back to the third room of the rooms and exits toy store, and in the lower left corner of the train tracks, there is a place where you need to place the collected sliders.

Then on the far right side of the third room of the rooms and exits toy store there is a train toy box which has the blocks for the train painted on it, so go back to the left side of the train tracks in this order and use the collected blocks to mount them on the train and open the sliding gate.

The train then opens up through that little door to the first room of the rooms and exits toy store!You’ll then see a key in the locomotive’s place, which is the key that will finally open the rooms and exits toy store and smoothly move on to the next level!

If you still feel confused about my rooms and exits toy store explanation, don’t blame yourself for being stupid, maybe it’s just because it’s hard for you to have a sense of space with the text explanation, here we recommend you to go to YouTube to find the video explanation of rooms and exits toy store, where you can visualize the whole rooms and exits toy store escape process, also very detailed, here recommend this video:

It answers all the encryption points of the three rooms of rooms and exits toy store in detail, and you can follow the steps of the video to try to answer it yourself! Very wonderful!

In rooms and exits series, the eleventh level of rooms and exits candy store, can be said to be a very difficult level,it’s as hard as rooms and exits toy store. if you can not look at rooms and exits toy store cheats in the case of solo completion of this level, then really want to congratulate you, because this level no matter whether from the decryption or the difficulty of looking for things are more difficult. For example, in the candy matching game, you need a high memory to match all the ice creams to get a green light, and then do it again to get another green light, and the most important thing is to memorize the sequence of points.

Then there is the game board that appears later on that flashes and lights up a series of lights, when all the lights go out, you have to memorize and repeat the sequence given by the display, it’s different every time, so cheating won’t work. The level of rooms and exits candy shop is very much about memory and exercising your brain power, That’s why it’s also more difficult to compare rooms and exits toy stores to candy stores.

rooms and exits in this is the most cozy a scene,overall slightly easier than rooms and exits toy store. but don’t be confused by its appearance, because every time you pass this level, you will find it looking for things and puzzles will change the location of the different, so there is a possibility that you play with your companion is difficult to copy each other’s,Overall it’s a little easier than rooms and exits toy store, Completion, in line with the public’s desire to solve the mystery, such as in the search for sink drainage required items, rooms and exits in the puzzle will be updated from time to time, before the red valve is found in another place, so at this time if there is no red valve, please look for in other places.

There are also many arrows and squares in this level that correspond to the matching game, in order to open the corresponding window or door, rooms and exits walkthrough cafe in the rooms and exits walkthrough toy store series is a “gentle killer” presence.

Overall, rooms and exits walkthrough cafe is a process of constantly looking for clues and solving puzzles, similar to rooms and exits toy store, the difficulty level is comparable to rooms and exits toy store. (All in all, it’s pretty hard~ It’s not uncommon if you get stuck at a certain level, how many people can completely detach themselves from the decryption guide and complete the escape process on their own?)

Furniture physical scene to restore, very real, this design is also rooms and exits toy store style, in this section more carpet search based, because the clues are more dense, more. And the difficulty has also increased, like the brown door next to the corresponding numbers of the module, there is a panel on the left side of the door, there are numbers 5, 3, 2, 8, 9, 4, click on the circle above each number, the pattern will change, these patterns correspond to the patterns in the catalog, so we need to find out which pattern matches the number of times they appear in the catalog. rooms and exits  is a very interesting presence in furniture stores designing puzzles based on furniture, pillows, vases, tiles, etc.

I think the furniture store is no less difficult than rooms and exits toy store, it’s also a headache-inducing existence in terms of tediousness and complexity, if you’re stuck in this position, you can seek out a complete guide to clearing the level on the internet, I should warn you that this level differs from rooms and exits toy store in that it contains a large number of puzzles that need to be put together, so you’ll need to collect a lot of things, it’s a level that requires both patience and logical ability, good luck with this one!

rooms and exits toy store level 29 floor Explore the rooms and exits in the rooms and exits level 29 toy store, we go to the last floor! the thirtieth floor is the final game, but definitely not the end of the imagination and story, the end I believe that we are more like to break into their own, here I will not be too many dramatization, but rooms and exits toy store will certainly bring you surprises and touches, but also continue to improve, so look forward to it!

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