WIDEBODY stanced model cars, 2258PCS, Remote control car model, Puzzle-building construction toys loved by both boys and girls


Are you looking for a vehicle with a unique appearance that stands out from the crowd? Do you desire a car that exudes a captivating glow at night? We proudly introduce the all-new #stanced German sports car, a truly special model that’s brimming with creativity and endless fun!


Key Features:

  • Widebody Look: This model showcases a distinctive widebody design with broad wheel arches and a lowered stance, creating a fresh, sporty, and attention-grabbing appearance. The limited-edition matte green exterior perfectly complements the neon green wheels and glow in the dark car decals, making it a standout in the #stanced model lineup.
  • 360-Degree Drifting: It’s not just a model car; it’s the world’s first LEGO model that can perform 360-degree drifts! Thanks to its smooth tires and high-powered motors, it can execute thrilling drift maneuvers, ensuring endless entertainment.
  • Impressive Size: This model is massive, measuring 52 cm x 14 cm x 24 cm, constructed from over 2200 meticulously assembled building blocks, the level of refinement is similar to widebody Porsche 911 sports car.
  • Remote Control Functionality: Equipped with a remote controller, you can manage the drive, steering, and other functions, enhancing interactivity and control. It’s like having your very own power drive remote control car.
  • Exquisite Details: This model features opening doors and an engine hood, functioning steering, a substantial rear wing, and intricately designed aerodynamics, making its appearance strikingly realistic. The interior is inspired by the Porsche 911 interior.
  • Powerful Powertrain: It’s powered by two EXTRA PRO series drive motors and one EXTRA PRO series servo motor for steering, ensuring ample power and exceptional handling.
  • High-Capacity Rechargeable Battery Pack: It comes with a high-capacity battery pack, ensuring extended run time and sustained gaming enjoyment.
  • Unique Parts: Wheel arches and custom wheels make this model stand out in the #stanced community.


This model takes its design inspiration from the 911 widebody sports car, representing the pinnacle of Porsche’s automotive engineering and design. Now, you can bring home the essence of the 911 widebody, enjoy its allure, and even envision it with custom drift car livery. It’s the ultimate mini RC drift car!

The widebody Porsche 911 is a car that embodies the peak of Porsche’s automotive engineering and design. Its appearance is full of muscle and sportiness, a fusion of speed and exquisite craftsmanship. The Porsche 911 wheels complement its design, ensuring both style and performance.

In summary, the #stanced German sports car is not just a model; it’s a masterpiece that combines creativity, unique features, and endless fun, embodying the essence of a stanced model cars. Whether you’re a fan of mini RC drift cars or simply appreciate stunning automotive design, this model is sure to captivate your imagination.


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