The most successful rally cars, like the exceptional ITALIAN STRADALE 2197PCS rc rally car, offering a choice of three colors, in a 1:8 scale.


The Legendary Rally Car Model by Pleasedontspammebro: A Tribute to Rallying Excellence



In the world of rally car enthusiasts, there exists a remarkable piece of engineering history, the group b rally cars. A model that has achieved unparalleled success, much like the iconic peugeot rally car, and gained recognition as one of the most triumphant rally cars ever created, the rally rc car. this exceptional model not only pays tribute to a glorious era of rally racing but also allows enthusiasts to bring this iconic machine to life through meticulous assembly, much like building a rally car.



Before diving into the fascinating details of this rally car model, let’s take a look at its specifications, resembling 1 8 scale model cars and 1 8 scale rc truck:


Dimensions: 53cm x 16cm x 25cm

2704 pieces

1:8 Scale

H-Pattern Manual Gearbox with 5 speeds + neutral, a feature cherished by members of the manual gearbox preservation society

Opening Doors, Hood & Engine Cover, including the exquisite c8 engine cover and the impressive ls engine cover

Functioning V6 Engine

Front & Rear Independent Suspension

Fully Functioning Steering via Steering Wheel & HOG (Hand of God)

Please Note: The instruction manual shows the assembly of the Orange version only. We are offering a part pack only; the manual must be purchased from the designer here. If assembling a different color, simply pick the color you are assembling every time you see an orange part. For example, if you are assembling the Neon Green version and the manual asks for an Orange part, use a like-for-like Neon Green part instead. Unless otherwise mentioned, stickers are not included, and any custom printed parts are replaced with plain alternatives.


The Legacy of Success:

This rally car model, reminiscent of the triumphant group b rally cars, is a tribute to a triumphant era in the World Rally Championship. In 1974, 1975, and 1976, this iconic rally car clinched victory, etching its name in the annals of motorsport history, much like the success of a peugeot rally car. The Rally Car Model has masterfully captured the essence of this legendary vehicle, allowing enthusiasts to relive those glorious moments.


Meticulous Design:

The designer’s dedication to detail is evident in every aspect of this rally car model, resembling the painstaking work that goes into building a rally car. With 2704 intricately crafted pieces, this 1:8 scale masterpiece faithfully recreates the original vehicle, much like assembling 1/8 scale rc. The inclusion of an H-Pattern Manual Gearbox with 5 speeds plus neutral ensures an authentic driving experience, while the opening doors, hood, and engine cover provide access to the model’s inner workings.


Engineered for Realism:

What sets this rally car model apart is its functioning V6 engine, much like the powerful engines found in an suv with v6 engine. The heart of the vehicle comes to life as you assemble it, delivering a lifelike representation of the original’s power and performance. Front and rear independent suspension, coupled with fully functioning steering via a steering wheel and HOG (Hand of God), make this model an engineering marvel, ensuring it can tackle various terrains just like the real rally car.


Attention to Detail:

The model’s attention to detail is unmatched, down to the choice of color, similar to choosing the color of your 1/8 scale rc. While the instruction manual primarily shows the assembly of the Orange version, The designer offers enthusiasts the option to personalize their model with different colors, much like the personalization options for an suv with a V6 engine. Following the same assembly instructions, builders can substitute orange parts with like-for-like parts of their chosen color. This allows for a custom touch and personalization.


Note on Stickers:

It’s worth mentioning that stickers are not included in the package, much like the lack of custom printed parts in a typical 1 8 scale rc. Any custom printed parts are also replaced with plain alternatives. This approach provides builders with a canvas to unleash their creativity by adding stickers or custom touches, should they desire.



Rally car model is more than just a construction project; it’s a journey into the heart of rally racing’s golden era, much like the allure of group b rally cars. With painstaking attention to detail and a commitment to authenticity, this model captures the essence of a legendary champion. Assembling this iconic rally car is not just a hobby; it’s a celebration of a motorsport legacy that continues to inspire and awe, much like the timeless fascination with 1 8 scale model cars and 1 8 scale rc trucks.


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