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Among Unicarss car toys, the RC Trailer Building Block 4882PCS is a unique existence, as a trailer, it is extremely versatile and playful, and it is a model of its excellent car building models

  1. Appearance of the toy car

Unicarss Remote Control Trailer building block 4882PCS is a rescue tow truck flatbed model with functionality and aesthetics. The exterior design of the trailer has a high degree of simulation, making it look more realistic. The yellow color scheme also adds a vibrant and recognizable look. The trailer is equipped with a retractable boom, and the appearance of the trailer adopts a mechanical style design, which looks very powerful and is also in line with the characteristics of the rescue trailer, which is very suitable for family building blocks and cars collection enthusiasts.

2.Toy car features

Electric car toy rich in accessories

The rich accessories of Unicarss rc tow truck Building Block 4882PCS really provide players with more control and building options. The servo motor is the power source of the trailer block, which can precisely control the steering and traveling of the vehicle. The lithium battery pack is the power source for the remote control trailer block and provides power to the motor. The remote controlled is the main tool to control the trailer building blocks, you can operate the trailer forward, backward, steering and so on through the remote control. Medium motor, large motor, large motor: these different models of motors provide more choices for players to choose according to their needs and preferences.

Rich Functions of Electric car toy

The boom arm of this Unicarss Remote Trailer Building Block 4882PCS Electric car toy can be retracted as needed to increase the operating range and flexibility. It can be operated manually or remotely via the car remote control, making it easy to operate from a distance or in complex environments. The hook can be adjusted for lifting and lowering to meet the needs of handling at different heights. The boom can be rotated to realize a full range of operating angles, which is convenient to operate in narrow spaces or complex environments, and can meet the needs of a variety of complex play.

Realistic details of the toy car

The details of the Unicarss Remote Trailer 4882PCS building blocks set are really outstanding. The doors can be opened and closed like a real vehicle, which adds fun and realism to the play. The front part of the vehicle can be opened remotely for easy loading and unloading operations, which also adds to the fun of the toy. The hoe part can also be opened by remote control, which is convenient for all kinds of handling and loading and unloading operations, and also increases the fun of the toy. In addition, the remote control of this toy is simple in design and easy to operate, suitable for people of all ages, and it is also equipped with a car frames, which can realize a variety of complex functions and actions.


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