REMOTE CONTROLLED SKIP & TOW TRUCK Building Blocks Toy Race Car Toys 2950PCS 14+


Our well known remote control car-.


In Unicarss range of building blocks toys, the RC Dumper Trailer car toy 2950PCS 14+ is an excellent model cars to build as a large building block toy truck with extremely rich play and features.

  1. The appearance of the toy truck

Unicarss Remote Control Dumper Trailer Building Block Toy comes in a green and white color scheme, and at the same time, it is equipped with four pairs of tires, which makes the trailer more stable during driving and better adapted to various terrains. The design of four pairs of tires not only improves the driving stability of the trailer, but also increases its load capacity. This means that children can use their imagination more freely when playing and load more building block onto the trailer.

  1. Features of the toy car

Electric car toy for diverse play

Unicarss Tipper rc tow truck Building Blocks Toy 2950PCS 14+ is a toy car with multiple functions and ways to play. It has a simulated appearance and looks very realistic. Using four-channel dual-mode lithium battery as the power source, it can provide stable and long-lasting power support. The dual rear axle drive design makes the vehicle have good passing performance and maneuverability.Unicarss Dump Trailer Building Block Toys 2950PCS 14+ also has multiple modes of play, such as tow truck flatbed,car trailer, dump truck and so on.

Powerful remote control function for electric car toy

Unicarss Dump Trailer control remote car has a powerful remote controlled function, it is equipped with a 2.4GHZ car remote control, this remote control has a stable signal and a fast operating response speed, which allows kids to have better control of the trailer while playing. In addition, Unicarss Dumper Trailer Block Toy can also be controlled remotely via mobile apps. With the remote control or mobile apps with the toy car race track, kids can control the trailer’s forward, backward, left and right steering movements, as well as the lift of the dumping bucket, which is easy to operate and easy to get started.

Precision details of block toys

Unicarss remote control trailer is a large building blocks with rich details and exquisite appearance.Unicarss remote control trailer adopts a unique shape design with smooth lines and bright colors, which gives people a fashionable and high-end feeling.Unicarss remote control trailer is made of high quality materials, which has good abrasion resistance and anti-drop performance, ensuring the service life and safety of the product. In addition, Unicarss RC trailers emphasize environmental protection and safety in the design and production process, with no harmful substances, so that children can play with peace of mind.


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