Remote-controlled single-seat race car model, 40 cm, 1/10 scale, full racing livery, customizable remote control.


This 40 cm-long remote-controlled model Formula 1 racing car, inspired by the design style of F1 pro racing remote control car, is not only uniquely distinctive but also stands out as a product that prides itself on high-speed performance and an exceptional driving experience, boasting the following key features:

40cm x 10.5cm x 15cm
15.7in x 4.1in x 5.9in 

Key Features:

  • 1/10 scale: The model’s size is in a 1/10 scale RC body, faithfully replicating the dimensions and appearance of F1 cars, allowing you to experience the allure of F1 up close.
  • Dual High-Torque Motors: The model is equipped with two high-torque motors, with each motor directly connected to the rear wheels and a low gear ratio, providing powerful acceleration and outstanding control.
  • Adjustable Steering and Toe: You can customize the steering and toe settings to match your personal preferences, ensuring an optimal driving experience.
  • Full Racing Livery: Inspired by the design style of best f1 2019 cars, this model boasts a complete racing livery, enhancing its visual appeal.When you put on the formula 1 racing suit and operate the livery racing car with high torque electric motor, not only the style is very suitable, but also the temperament will become handsome and cool.
  • Full Remote Control: The model features comprehensive remote control functionality, including acceleration, braking, steering, and more, giving you full command over your driving experience.
  • Customizable Remote Layout: You have the option to customize the layout of the remote control according to your individual preferences for a personalized experience.
  • Build Instruction Manual: A build instruction manual included with the package will assist you in swiftly assembling and configuring this model.

Formula 1 (F1) is a highly professional racing sport celebrated for its high-speed racing, technological innovation, and world-class drivers. F1 cars are meticulously engineered machines with advanced materials, featuring V6 turbocharged engines and energy recovery systems that deliver astonishing performance. These cars typically race at speeds exceeding 200 miles per hour on various tracks, and F1 is a globally recognized sport with races taking place in multiple countries and regions across continents, boasting a vast international fanbase.

This remote-controlled racing car model blends inspiration from F1 car design with remarkable power performance. Its 1:10 scale faithfully captures the essence of F1, allowing enthusiasts and F1 fans to experience the allure of F1 on their own tracks, enjoying an exhilarating drive. For those curious about the Chicago Formula 1 race, Formula race promotions, and the best racing liveries, the world of F1 offers a thrilling and immersive experience, whether you’re watching it on TV or racing your very own miniature F1 car. And if you’re wondering what DRS in Formula 1 racing is, or interested in the art of racing car livery design, the F1 world has something for everyone, from enthusiasts to professionals.


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formula 1 racing suit chicago formula 1 race formula race promotions 1/10 scale 1/10 scale rc body high torque electric motor best f1 2019 pro racing remote control car livery racing car racing car livery design best racing liveriesRemote-controlled single-seat race car model, 40 cm, 1/10 scale, full racing livery, customizable remote control.
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