Remote Controlled Humvee C61036 Models Toy 3934PCS


Are you looking to build the most COMPLEX off roader ever released? Well you’ve definitely come to the right place.

Presenting our new 1:8 scale Humvee – fully remote controlled & the most advanced mechanisms ever fitted to a model.

First and foremost, a Humvee must have full off roading capability. This half a meter long model has a full 4WD system operated by 2 PRO Series motors. This system is fitted with some of the largest tyres ever released (check out those groves!) ensuring your Humvee can get over all challenging obstacles. Add onto this locking front & rear differentials, heavy duty suspension, a low range gearbox, a remote controlled winch and what you end up with is an incredibly capable off roader.

Now that we got the drivetrain sorted, a Humvee must pack a powerful punch. This 3kg beast has a choice of 2 roof-mounted attachments – a railgun and a rocket launcher. Both can be aimed from the remote control and the rocket launcher even has actual firing rockets. Mount the front bullbar in the upright position and you’ll be able to knock anything down to reach your target with ease. Oh and don’t worry, this model’s reinforced chassis means you’ll never have any issues under heavy impacts.

Drivetrain – check. Offensive – check. The only things missing are the hidden details & functions. Here you’ll find spring operated opening doors & trunk, an opening hood which reveals an insanely detailed engine bay (with a functioning V8 engine), a fully detailed interior, a super detailed underside & so much more…

Are you ready to assemble the most complex & feature packed off roading model available anywhere? Of course you are, get in there!

52cm x 21cm x 27cm
20.4in x 8.2in x 10.6in

Key Features:

1:8 Scale
Over 1300 Pieces
Remote Controlled Drive
Remote Controlled Steering
Remote Controlled Weapon (Aiming & Shooting)
3x Large PRO Series Motors
1x PRO Series Servo Motor
1x PRO Series Medium Motor
1x LED Kit
1x High Capacity Rechargeable Battery Pack
Spring Operated Opening Doors
Detailed Interior
Spring Operated Opening Trunk
Opening Hood
Detailed Engine Bay
Functioning V8 Engine
Full Drivetrain
Front & Rear Locking Differentials
Heavy Duty Springs
Massive Off Road Wheels
Choice of 2 Roof Mounted Attachments (Railgun & Rocket Launcher)
Remote Controlled Winch
Optional Bullbar
Low Range Hill Climb Gear
Building Instruction Booklet included in Parcel


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Remote Controlled Humvee C61036 Models Toy 3934PCS
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