REMOTE CONTROLLED FORKLIFT Race Car Toys Electric Car Toy 1718PCS 1:10


Our well-known control remote car


Unicarss red RC forklift, the most relevant design and unique existence among the brands of Unicarss building toy, is loved by children and often seen as toy cars for kids, and, of course, grown-ups are not exempted from being attracted by its interesting nature.

  1. Appearance of car toy

Unicarss red remote control forklift, the overall use of building block for building bricks, with a sense of patchwork design, and kei truck are not the same as the seat skeleton way of design, with a typical red and black color scheme, is a feature-rich, but typical existence.


2.Extraordinary Block adult rc cars Features

Multi-functional remote controlled design

This large building blocks, highly reproducible according to the ratio of 1:8, has the multifunctional design of remote control rear wheel steering, remote control front wheel drive, remote control lifting and tilting lift, and at the same time, it is set to the mode of dual remote controlled, which can be utilized in the mode of cell phone, and it is a typical electric toy car.

Realistic electric toy car – Cargo Forklift Reduction

Unlike the tow truck flatbed, the toy car can be completely remote control, like a cargo consignment can generally be free to lift and lower, running clearly visible gears and institutions, multi-directional driving, creating blocky cars.

Powerful and durable remote controlled motor

This Unicarss car building models, using black gold motor to provide strong power, 2.4G lithium box, XL and L-type motor, can make it easy to go around corners, just like an adult rc cars, designed to create a sincere work.








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