Purple Storm Coupe Building Block Car, GERMAN COUPE 2086PCS, Rear-Wheel Drive, Widebody Kit, APP Remote Control, 4-Wheel Low-Riding Simulated Design.


Introducing the Remote-Controlled German Coupe: 2086 Pieces of Automotive Art

Our brand-new German Coupe, a distant relative of the 1990s Porsche 911, is a masterpiece that seamlessly combines the timeless #stanced look with a custom widebody kit design and Japanese-inspired aero features. This remarkable model is one of the most extraordinary and unique releases in our catalog, especially when adorned in a stunning gloss purple finish.


Length: 55cm (21.6 inches)

Width: 15cm (5.9 inches)

Height: 25cm (9.8 inches)

Key Features:

Over 2000 Pieces: This model is an intricate puzzle of over 2000 pieces, providing a satisfying and challenging building experience. Assembling this masterpiece is made easy with a comprehensive instruction booklet included in the package.

Over Half a Meter Long: With a length of over half a meter, this widebody GTR is a true showstopper.

Realistic Features: Enjoy a range of realistic features, including opening doors and hood, a functioning steering system, and an incredibly detailed engine bay reminiscent of the iconic Porsche 993 RWB.

Aggressive Styling: Embrace the aggressive design with massive exhausts, a towering rear wing, front and rear camber, and fully functioning transmission and drivetrain.

Japanese Inspired Aero: The coupe’s aesthetics are heavily influenced by Japanese-inspired aero enhancements, much like the RWB Porsche 993.

Unique Components: Standout features include wide body wheel arches, custom wheels, brake discs and calipers, a distinctive engine cover, and captivating aero accents, making it akin to an Akira Nakai RWB Porsche.

Remote Control: Take full control of your custom power wheel with the included remote control. Drive it with 2 large heavy-duty drive motors and precisely steer with 1 servo motor.

Powering Up: The model is equipped with a high-capacity rechargeable battery pack, much like what you’d find in a Porsche 993 RWB for sale.

Remote Control Included: Control your masterpiece with ease using the provided remote control, just as Akira Nakai would when fine-tuning his custom steering wheel covers.

Porsche 993 RWB: A Legend in Automotive Modification

The RWB-modified Porsche 993 is a classic example of a modified Porsche 993, abbreviated as RWB (RAUH-Welt Begriff). RWB is an iconic automotive workshop founded by the Japanese automotive modification master, Akira Nakai, in 1997. This workshop is renowned for its incredibly distinctive and unique approach to exterior aesthetics and modification, which has captured the hearts of countless automotive enthusiasts and Porsche aficionados worldwide.

The RWB-modified Porsche 993, based on the 1990s Porsche 911 model, specifically the 993 series, which was already a beloved classic, underwent a transformation similar to what you’d expect from an RWB Porsche 993. RWB-modified Porsche 993s typically feature the following characteristics:

Wide Body Kit: The most striking feature is its widebody kit, which includes substantial rear spoilers, front lips, and other modifications that give the vehicle a more aggressive and attention-grabbing appearance.

Suspension: RWB cars often feature professionally tuned suspension systems to enhance handling and overall performance.

Paintwork: RWB vehicles are known for their vibrant, personalized paintwork, emphasizing individuality and visual appeal.

Interior Modifications: Although the primary focus is on the exterior, some interior modifications are made to complement the overall style of the vehicle.

RWB Porsche 993s are celebrated for their iconic design and performance enhancements, making them highly sought-after treasures for car collectors and modification enthusiasts. Akira Nakai, with his unique aesthetic sense and modification skills, breathed new life and charisma into these classic Porsche models, much like he did with his Akira Nakai RWB Porsche creations. These vehicles leave a lasting impression not only in terms of their exterior aesthetics but also provide an extraordinary driving experience, establishing the RWB Porsche 993 as a legend in the world of automotive modification.


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