Limited edition model building kits, 2237PCS, RC Super Car Bricks For Adults,Teens,Kids


This model car’s design draws inspiration from iconic JDM structures, showcasing wide fenders, unique satin deep red finishes, and the first-ever adjustable assembly. It’s a true custom-built vehicle that leads the trend of radical modifications, making it a limited edition masterpiece that will meet all your expectations.


  • Length: 46 centimeters (18.1 inches)
  • Width: 13 centimeters (5.1 inches)
  • Height: 23 centimeters (9.1 inches)

Key Features:

  • Over 2200 Parts: This model car is composed of over 2200 finely crafted components, including model car parts and car bricks, ensuring exceptional detail and precision.
  • Half a Meter Long: It accurately reproduces the appearance of a real car in precise proportion, displaying outstanding realism.
  • Assembly Instructions Included: It comes with detailed assembly instructions, making it easy to put together this exquisite model car.
  • Adjustable Assembly: It features adjustable deep-dish wheels, allowing you to choose the body stance, flush or aggressive, to create a unique look.
  • Openable Doors, Hood, and Trunk: Attention to detail is paramount, and the model car’s doors, hood, trunk, and interior design are all part of the immersive model car building experience.
  • Functional servo motor Steering System: A remote-controlled steering system provides a more realistic simulated driving experience.
  • Highly Detailed Engine Compartment: The model car showcases a highly detailed engine compartment, faithfully representing the engineering details of a real car.
  • Dual exhaust pipes: It references the real car’s dual exhaust pipe design, emphasizing its performance and sporty characteristics.
  • Large Adjustable Rear Wing: Equipped with a large adjustable rear wing to enhance aerodynamic efficiency and add a sporty touch to the model.
  • Aggressive Aerodynamics: A finely crafted aerodynamic kit provides better handling and stability.
  • Unique Parts – Wide Body Fenders: The wide fenders create a visually wider appearance, enhancing the muscular look.
  • Unique Parts – Customizable Deep-Dish Wheels: Innovative adjustable deep-dish wheel rims for a personalized body stance.
  • Unique Parts – All Satin Deep Red Finish: The unique deep red finish adds a sense of luxury and makes it stand out.
  • Remote Control Driving: It comes with a remote control, allowing you to drive this model car remotely, adding interactivity and entertainment.
  • 2 Large Heavy-Duty driven motors: Powerful electric motors ensure outstanding performance and power output.
  • 1 servomotor for Steering: Provides realistic steering operation, enhancing the driving experience.
  • 1 High-Capacity Rechargeable Battery Pack: The rechargeable battery pack offers long driving times, reducing unnecessary charging intervals.

This model car’s design takes inspiration from the Nissan 350Z Nismo. While it’s not an exact replica of the Nissan 350Z Nismo, it inherits the JDM style and the spirit of Nismo’s modifications, making it an excellent collectible for car enthusiasts.

The Nissan 350Z Nismo is a legendary performance-modified car that blends the passion of Japanese JDM culture with exceptional engineering. Based on the classic Nissan 350Z (350Z engine) (known as Nissan Fairlady Z in some markets), the Nismo version takes performance to new heights.

With a potent V6 engine (350Z engine), the Nismo 350Z offers remarkable horsepower and torque output, meticulously tuned for excellent handling and power. Its chassis and suspension system have undergone professional upgrades, providing more agile suspension characteristics and enhancing handling performance.

In terms of appearance, the Nismo 350Z boasts a striking look, including larger aero kits, special wheels, unique paint finishes, and Nismo badges, creating an unforgettable exterior. Stanced 350Z and other custom JDM cars enthusiasts especially appreciate these modifications.

On the inside, unique interior details and Nismo branding enhance the driving experience, emphasizing the performance nature of this model. Enthusiasts who love JDM model cars, JDM model car kits, and JDM RC cars will find this representation captivating.

In conclusion, the Nissan 350Z Nismo is a car designed for those seeking outstanding performance and a thrilling driving experience. It has always been beloved by car enthusiasts and driving aficionados and will forever be one of the classic representatives of performance modifications.

If you’re looking for exceptional performance and exquisite details, this sports car model is definitely worth your attention, whether you’re into JDM tuners, JDM sedans, or other custom JDM cars. It’s a limited edition masterpiece that captures the essence of Nissan JDM culture and is built with the precision of mini building blocks and model building kits to create a stunning model car that stands as one of the best stance cars.


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