Limited edition electroplated Blue sports car set Building Blocks, Electric Car Toy 1:8, 3728 pcs


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    In Unicarss car toys series brand, UnicarssVeyron sports car, in the building blocks toy store can be said to be a bright and eye-catching existence, its building block creation, not only a toy car, but also the creation of the spirit and culture, the realization of surprises and touches,.

    1. Appearance of car toy

    UnicarssVeyron overall appearance is very cool, blue champagne color, a kind of heavy machinery feeling, very exquisite; and pink and white color scheme is popular with the girls, the noble Miss Thousand Dollars in this car building models embodied in the best.


    2.Extraordinary Block adult rc cars Features

    Realistic sports car shape restoration design

    The whole toy car, the use of blocks as building bricks 1:8 ratio simulation restore, the rear tail linkage can be lifted, plating tires, rubber tires, realistic restoration of the front design, domineering.

    block build construction to create a real simulation mode

    UnicarssVeyron simulation at the door to simulate the real door activities open and close, linkage piston W16 engine, sliding engine connecting rod will be active, real simulation of the operation of the engine, linkage mode, to build your own big toy car.

    Technology sports car develops intelligence

    Unicarss brand build a car toy will be details strictly control,Veyron sports car is so, the introduction of science and technology technology, so that the building blocks come to life, steering wheel linkage design, eight gears free switching, in the autos zona to become one of the most popular toy model cars for teenagers and adults.



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Gives a rewarding building experience for adult car lovers.

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Pieces in numbered bags and a detailed instruction book presented in exclusive luxury packaging.

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Supercar model in classic blue with large size, a great office display to reflect your sense.

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This Nifeliz DIVN features faithful detailing to admire from every angle

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Authentic functions throughout the model car build, including opening doors and front cover.

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Steer the DIVN with the steering wheel using the wheel on the front.

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Put the model toy car in gear like the real car by the paddles on the rear of the steering wheel.

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The most advanced Nifeliz toy car engine yet with moving pistons.

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An exclusive color scheme closest to the real car ever.

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Adjust the wing by the crossbar in front of the passenger seat.

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Full-time four-wheel-drive with independent suspension

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This model car toy measures over 22.7 inches long making this car a great size for play or display.

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2 reviews for Limited edition electroplated Blue sports car set Building Blocks, Electric Car Toy 1:8, 3728 pcs

    Rolando O.
    August 24, 2023
    Took a lot of hours and although it was a cool piece, it was much bigger than I thought. Didn’t quite fit in the spot I left for it. Still a fun piece. Would recommend.
    August 17, 2023
    Great kit.Not suited for people unfamiliar with complex technic sets but a veteran builder won't have any issues. Had no missing parts. Built it over 2 days and love the look.
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Limited edition electroplated Blue sports car set Building Blocks, Electric Car Toy 1:8, 3728 pcs
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