Jeep Wranglers Adventurer Building Blocks Car Remote Control Toy Car 2096pcs 1:8


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    In Unicarss building blocks toys ,The wild appearance and tough off-road performance of theWrangler Adventurer building block car make it pivotal among Unicarss off-road race car. It is an extremely excellent car building models.

    1. Appearance of the car toy

    As a large building blocks, UnicarssWrangler Adventurer is equipped with 17-inch Rubicon aluminum alloy flash black wheels, UnicarssWrangler also adopts dark green overall color scheme and steel front and rear bumpers to reflect the off-road qualities, and adopts an open hole design on the engine cover to provide better heat dissipation. These designs give the UnicarssWrangler Adventurer even more off-road performance and power. Perfect for cars collection.

    2.Extraordinary Building Blocks Adult RC Car Features

    High reproduction of toy cars

    UnicarssWrangler Adventurer building blocks toy car door and trunk lid can be opened, and UnicarssWrangler Adventurer building blocks are equipped with a car frames, and the hood of the toy car can be opened to show some of the details of the engine, including cylinders, pistons, crankshaft and other parts. The tires of theWrangler building blocks toy car are made of simulated tires, and the details of the tire tread and wheels are restored to some extent, which helps to simulate the driving condition of the real vehicle.

    Plenty of playability to control remote car

    UnicarssWrangler Adventurer features multiple accessory kits and a removable body that allows players to assemble and disassemble freely, exercising hands-on skills and creativity. Meanwhile, as a electric toy car, it is also equipped with a car remote control, through which you can control the vehicle to move forward, backward, left turn, right turn, etc. to experience the fun of roader . UnicarssWrangler Adventurer Off-Road Vehicle Building Block Toys is also equipped with an APP remote control mode, through which the Players can realize the precise control of the control remote car vehicle that, for example, speed adjustment, steering sensitivity adjustment and so on, to enhance the the playability and fun of the game.

    Strong motor power of the electric toy car

    UnicarssWrangler Adventurers are equipped with strong power motors, which allow them to provide high speed and power output. The larger motors provide more torque, which allows the car toys to perform well on various terrains. Meanwhile, the lithium battery box provides a long-lasting source of power to extend the range of the toy car. It makes the electric toy car have excellent off-road performance.



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