Diytoy 1:10 building blocks sports car build your own car building toy set boys girls birthday gift Electric Toy Car


Our well-known control remote car


It is a unique presence in Unicarss fast and furious toy cars series brand, even lego porche is eclipsed by all brands of car toys.

Appearance of car toy

It’s overall appearance is very classic, silver-gray high-level sense, blue-green low-key sense, red and white retro sense, three color choices, to bring you a different experience, 180sx to show its streamlined shape and limited edition electroplated metallic paint.


2. Extraordinary Block adult rc cars Features

Highly reproduce the car model building block

The front of the car is designed with a front cover can be opened device, the use of rubber tires for 1:8 reduction of the new wide-body sports car wheels eyebrow, set the simulation of taillight modeling, the car frames are stable, like a fine replica of the kinetic sculpture designed with building blocks.

Dual remote controlled mode design

2.4G remote control, support handle + APP dual remote controlled mode, so you can always put the direction of the control in their own hands, six directions for you to drive, 2WD 4WD switch at will, how you can play conveniently, Unicarss on how to design, just to create a brand new stance cars belongs to you.

Realistic sports car mode settings

It as an adult rc cars, through the linkage control, engine linkage and other sports car detail design, wholeheartedly for you to create a sports car immersive feeling, agility pull full, oversized construction of large building blocks, to create belongs to you, belongs to Unicarss legend.



详情 (2) You will feel amazing once you have done the installation. Your model will no longer be overshadowed anymore. Instead, it will shine with the help of the light kit. And you can enjoy the night view . So, make a huge upgrade for your set with Lighting Kits.
IMG_256 IMG_257 IMG_258
Easy to Install It comes with colored installation instructions, a user guide, and a service card. The detailed straightforward step-by-step instructions can help even new building builders to take on this light set build with confidence, no more worries about installation. Convenient Power Connection Power comes from batteries or USB. For a brighter effect, USB is recommended. Tips: Prepare the power bank, battery box, or USB Hub in advance. The power supply set should be less than 5v to avoid burning. Safe and Durable All LEDs have a uniform light pattern, and the cable connectors fit nicely together. 5V low-voltage also means a safer experience. Quality made, these LED lights will last longer, be durable and energy-efficient, and offer comparable lighting effects for your Lego set.
Installation Tips: Please install your led lights carefully, do not pull and bend them excessively or shake them, avoid damage, and can extend its service life. 1b1773be-f63f-4858-9aad-21e06193e047__CR0,0,970,600_PT0_SX970_V1___

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Diytoy 1:10 building blocks sports car build your own car building toy set boys girls birthday gift Electric Toy Car
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