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Our well-known control remote car

Unicarss brand has designed a number of outstanding building block toys, among which the Dakar Trophy Truck is a very outstanding work in the kei trucks series. This product greatly embodies the attributes of endurance and adventure, and is a fine remote control toy car that assists every motorcycle enthusiast to fulfill their dreams.

  1. Appearance of car toy

Unicarss Dakar Trophy Truck 1340PCS (36.8cm x 16cm x 16.7cm) consists of over 1300 pieces in total, equipped with RC driver and RC steering, with a removable shell design that allows the user to change the car according to their needs. The remodeled tires and spare tire better complete the design of the toy car, with 1:12 scale real restoration of the stance a car.

2.Extraordinary Block adult rc cars Features

Long-travel car frames ensures stable driving ability

The Unicarss Dakar Trophy Truck not only maximizes the rugged characteristics of the original, but is also equipped with long-travel car frames that ensures the smooth operation of the body even when driving in the harshest conditions. This design gives it the driving ability of a professional off road buggy.

Comparable to the race car configuration

The product uses high quality materials, has the advantages of stable assembly, high hardness and high toughness, 1:14 simulation engine with steering wheel linkage design, and then contains front and rear shock absorbers and can be added to the motor. As a electric toy car can still simulate the operation experience close to the race car.

Restore the dominant shape of the car toys

The body of the car is decorated with complete graffiti and decals to create a hardcore off-road car style with build blocks. Details and features are uniformly and carefully carved to maximize the user’s adrenaline rush. It is not a bad choice of car toys.








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