Classic 3D Model Car bricks, 1390PCS, Car Model Toy Building Block Brick Gift For Adults, Recommended for ages 15+


Product Description: Classic 3D Model Car bricks


  • Dimensions: 27 cm x 11 cm x 14 cm
  • Material: High-Quality Plastic

Key Features:

  • Realistic Detail: This model car is expertly crafted, taking inspiration from the classic carros Volkswagen Golf Mk1. It’s very similar to the old vw golf style. Its meticulous exterior and interior details make it an ideal choice for car enthusiasts and collectors.
  • Multi-Opening Design: The fine craftsmanship of this model car includes movable parts such as doors, the hood, and the trunk, allowing you to experience and showcase the car’s interior and engine area. This enhances interactivity and playability.
  • Detailed interior: The interior detail of the car is meticulously designed, closely resembling a real automobile. From the seats to the dashboard, every detail is carefully crafted, adding authenticity to the model. The similar style of this model car to the volkswagen hatchback can also be seen here.
  • Detailed Engine Compartment: Not only can you open the hood, but you can also admire a precise simulation of the engine compartment. Details such as the engine, cables, and pipes are accurately reproduced, making the model more lifelike.
  • High Precision: The model’s appearance and dimensions are refer to the Volkswagen Golf Mk1, especially its unique compact three-door hatchback design. While this model car draws inspiration from the classic vehicle, it is not a replica of the Volkswagen rabbit mk1.
  • Note: Please be aware that due to its highly detailed craftsmanship, once assembled, this model car will become relatively fragile and is primarily intended for display purposes. The model does not include stickers, but custom-printed parts will be substituted for standard parts. We provide parts kits, and assembly instructions should be purchased from the original designer. Recommended for ages 15 and above.

Mk1 vw rabbit is an iconic compact family hatchback coupe car that was first introduced in 1974, laying the foundation for modern front-wheel-drive compact hatchbacks. Its main features include:

  1. Design: The Volkswagen Golf Mk1 features a classic compact three-door hatchback design, emphasizing practicality and a streamlined appearance, becoming a representative of classic design.
  2. Engine: The Golf Mk1 initially came with a range of four-cylinder gasoline engines, offering various performance options to meet different driving needs.
  3. Driving Performance: Its front-wheel-drive layout and carefully designed chassis make it perform excellently on the road, making it a favorite among families and driving enthusiasts.
  4. Interior: The Volkswagen Golf interior is known for its blend of refined design, high-quality materials, and modern technology features, offering a comfortable and premium driving experience.
  5. Special Editions: Volkswagen also introduced some special editions such as the Golf GTI, known for its exceptional suspension, increased power output, and distinctive interior detail, establishing the GTI series.
  6. Influence: The Golf Mk1 had a profound impact on the automotive market, bringing significant success to Volkswagen. It remains popular to this day and is highly sought after by collectors.

This 3D model car is a tribute to this classic, allowing you to appreciate the uniqueness of the Volkswagen Golf Mk1 in your own home. Whether you’re a car enthusiast or a collector, this model car will be a cherished addition to your collection.

If you’re into creating your own Volkswagen brick car or brick model cars, consider our selection of building block sets. These mini building block sets let you delve into the world of mini building blocks and satisfy your passion for detailing engine bay and creating your own brick car masterpieces. Whether it’s the best looking hatchback, the best 4 cylinder cars, or the luxury hatchback of your dreams, you can build it with our brick car sets.


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