Blue Model Racing Car,pullback toy cars,1:16 scale,833PCS,To pay homage to a legendary race car.


Product Introduction: Model Racing Car (pullback toy cars)Dragon Pull-Back Edition


This model racing car is an exquisite automotive model that immerses you in the thrilling world of racing. It utilizes a 1:16 scale design and features a pull-back function – simply pull it back and release to witness the model accelerate just like a real race car. The model’s doors can be opened, revealing intricate interior details, and it comes with a comprehensive assembly manual to assist with easy assembly. Inspired by the legendary Godzilla R34, this model pays homage to this iconic race car. Whether you’re an automotive collector, a model enthusiast, or someone who enjoys DIY building blocks, it’s an excellent choice for collecting and gifting. Let the Model Racing Car Dragon Pull-Back Edition bring the excitement of racing into your life.


Key Features:

  • 1:16 Scale rc: This exquisite model accurately reproduces the original car’s design at a 1:16 scale.
  • True-to-Life Size: The model stretches to 25 cm, displaying astonishing detail and proportion, making you feel like you’re in a real race car.
  • Over 800 Pieces: With over 800 components, including model car parts, each meticulously designed and manufactured, it ensures the highest quality and realism.
  • Pull-Back Function: The newly added pullback function allows you to pull the model car backward and release it to observe its rapid acceleration, just like a real race car.
  • Openable Doors: The model car’s doors can be opened, revealing finely crafted interior structures, enhancing interactivity and visual appeal.
  • Intricate Interior Structure: The finely detailed interior structure allows you to delve into the vehicle’s internal engineering and decor, as if you were in the cockpit of a race car.
  • Assembly Manual: The packaging includes a detailed assembly manual, making it easy to assemble and appreciate this exquisite model.
  • Design Inspiration: This model draws inspiration from the famous Godzilla R34. Godzilla R34 is a colloquial term for the Nissan Skyline GT-R R34, a high-performance car renowned for its exceptional performance and iconic appearance. This model pays tribute to blue gtr r34 by featuring a pull-back function, intricate interior structure, and openable doors, bringing the charm of this legendary race car into the world of models.


This mini building blocks model car pays homage to the blue R34, This model car caters to the needs of both automotive model collectors and racing enthusiasts, allowing you to enjoy the excitement of real racing in the comfort of your home while adding interactivity and aesthetic appeal. Furthermore, it makes for a unique gift choice, suitable for those passionate about automotive culture, GTR34 and model car building, Whether you’re a model enthusiast or a car aficionado, this model racing car will immerse you as if you were on the race track.


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godzilla r34 gtr34 blue r34 blue gtr r34 pullback cars pullback toy cars 1 16 scale 1 16 scale rc mini building blocks diy building blocks model car building model car partsBlue Model Racing Car,pullback toy cars,1:16 scale,833PCS,To pay homage to a legendary race car.
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