Armoured Military Ambulance Unimog Rescue Vehicle 3849PCS


46cm x 20cm x 23cm
18.2in x 7.7in x 9.1in


With more than 3800 parts, this extraordinary model offers an intricate construction experience. It features remote-controlled drive and steering, providing a high level of interactivity. The vehicle includes meticulously designed elements such as opening doors and a rear section. Additionally, it boasts a rear-mounted crane, enhancing its functionality.

Furthermore, the set comes with a variety of accessories, including a stretcher, life raft, and various tools, adding to its authenticity. Everything needed for assembly is included in the parcel, along with a detailed building instruction booklet, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable building process.


In the realm of military emergency response, the Unimog stands as an unrivaled icon of resilience and efficiency. Engineered as an armored military ambulance, it ensures the safety of both medical teams and patients in hostile environments. Its off-road capabilities make it indispensable in remote and challenging terrains, guaranteeing medical aid reaches the most inaccessible locations.

The Unimog’s influence extends to the realm of education and entertainment, inspiring toys like the Army Rescue Vehicle Bricks Toy and the Off-Road Ambulance Building Set. These interactive models allow enthusiasts of all ages to assemble their miniature Unimog ambulances, promoting creativity and an early interest in engineering.

As a military emergency rescue vehicle, the Unimog is equipped to handle multiple patients simultaneously, functioning as a mobile hospital in critical situations. Its adaptability extends to the transportation of medical supplies and equipment, making it a vital asset in combat and humanitarian missions. Embraced globally as the ‘Military Unimog,’ it signifies unmatched durability and reliability in the face of adversity.

In essence, the Unimog epitomizes the fusion of cutting-edge technology and military precision, continuing to save lives and inspire generations worldwide.

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Armoured Military Ambulance Unimog Rescue Vehicle 3849PCS
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