1:8 Scale King of Super Sports Cars, orange car bricks With 3628PCS, Famous Super Sport Car Building Blocks Moc For Adults,Teens,Kids


Product Name: Super Sports Car Model – 1:8 Scale King of Super Sports Cars

Product Description:

The design inspiration for this super sports car king, the McLaren Senna, comes from one of the most outstanding track cars in history, affectionately called the “King of Monaco” by automotive journalists. Our 1:8 scale model cars, with a total length of 58 centimeters, offers an unparalleled assembly experience, making it an ideal race car toy. Packed with details and precision design, you’ll carefully assemble the chassis and suspension, followed by the powertrain system and engine, just like with a race car track toy.

Next, you’ll proceed with the interior assembly, ensuring that the interior detail is as meticulous as the real thing. Finally, you’ll put together the body and aerodynamics kit, reminiscent of competition cars on the racetrack. This model redefines what a flagship 1:8 scale model should be and is a must-have for enthusiasts of the best track cars. It focuses on perfecting the assembly process, truly immersing you in the world of RC cars racing, and undoubtedly, this will be the greatest assembly experience you’ve ever had, turning your home into a miniature racetrack.


  • Length: 58.5 cm (23 inches)
  • Width: 15.0 cm (5.9 inches)
  • Height: 29.2 cm (11.5 inches)

Key Features:

  • 1:8 Scale: This super sport auto model faithfully reproduces the appearance and details of the real car at a 1:8 scale, making it a masterpiece of precision.
  • Over 3600 Parts: This model consists of over 3600 finely crafted parts, including car bricks, ensuring that every detail is accurately represented.
  • Remote Control Function: The model features remote control capabilities, allowing you to simulate the driving experience, controlling the model car’s forward, reverse, and steering movements.
  • 58 cm in Length: The model car’s perfect size replicates the appearance of the original vehicle, allowing you to admire its unique design.
  • Incredible Detail Level: Meticulous interior, precise mechanical components, and exquisite decorative details make the level of detail in this model truly incredible.
  • Limited Edition Black Chrome Rims: The model car comes with unique limited edition black chrome rims, adding to its distinctive appearance.
  • Fully Functional Powertrain System: The mini building blocks model features a full-function powertrain system, including a high-torque electric motor, ensuring smooth operation and driving experience.
  • Heavy-Duty Shock Absorbers: Equipped with heavy-duty shock absorber, simulating the suspension performance of the original car.
  • Openable Doors and Engine Hood: The model’s doors and engine hood can be opened, allowing you to better appreciate the interior and engine details.
  • Detailed Interior: The interior faithfully reproduces the design of the real car, including seats, dashboard, and control panels.
  • Chrome Decor: Chrome decor on the model car enhances its luxury and realism.
  • Complete Aero Pack: The model includes a full aero pack, including spoilers and diffusers, to provide high levels of downforce.
  • Comes with a Remote Control: It comes with a remote control that allows you to easily control the model car’s operation.
  • Assembly Instructions Included: The model car comes with detailed assembly instructions to help you complete the assembly process.

Design Inspiration:

The design of this model car draws inspiration from the McLaren Senna orange, but is not an exact replica of the McLaren Senna. The McLaren Senna is a high-performance supercar that made its debut in 2018. It is named after the renowned Brazilian racing driver Ayrton Senna, who is highly respected in Formula 1 racing history. The McLaren Senna is positioned as an extreme track-focused performance car, designed to provide exceptional suspension and aerodynamic performance for an outstanding driving experience.

Key Features (McLaren Senna):

  1. mclaren senna top speed and Powerful Engine: The McLaren Senna is powered by a 4.0-liter V8 twin-turbocharged engine, producing around 800 horsepower and 800 Nm of torque, providing solid power for high performance, including an impressive top speed.
  2. Lightweight Design and mclaren senna interior: The Senna utilizes lightweight materials, such as a carbon fiber body and components, to reduce overall weight, enhancing suspension performance and handling while offering a luxurious interior.
  3. Exceptional Aerodynamics and Orange Color: Consideration of aerodynamic performance, including large spoilers, front and rear diffusers, and side air intakes, provides a high level of downforce, making the vehicle more stable at high speeds and on the track. The striking orange color adds to its visual appeal.
  4. Customizable Driving Modes and Mclaren Senna Seats: Equipped with various driving modes, allowing the driver to adjust the vehicle’s performance according to their needs and skills, achieving the best driving experience. This makes the McLaren Senna suitable for various driving scenarios, from everyday driving to track racing. The track-inspired seats provide excellent support and comfort.

Overall, the McLaren Senna is an extremely rare supercar that fully embodies the craftsmanship and performance tradition of British automotive manufacturing. This model aims to provide an exceptional driving experience, both on the road and the track, and showcases outstanding design, high performance, and limited production, making it a valuable collectible for racing enthusiasts and collectors.

Now, you can bring the charm of this legendary car to your home, paying tribute to the beauty of the McLaren Senna through this 1:8 scale model, without worrying about parking and maintenance costs, and enjoying the precision and intricacy of the model car world with its limited editions, black chrome rims, and heavy duty shock absorbers.


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