1:16 scale 2 door luxury model cars, 1108PCS, RED Car Building Kit for Adults, Teens, Japan’s most iconic cars in history


Product Description:

This versatile 2 door luxury cars, needs no introduction. It draws inspiration from one of Japan’s most iconic cars in history – the Nissan 180SX. This model car will provide you with a passionate model-making experience, showcasing the pinnacle of Japanese automotive engineering.

Dimensions and Features:

  • Over 1100 Parts: This build a model car kit includes over 1100 finely crafted parts to ensure you can build an impressive model. It’s a 1:16 scale model, accurately replicating the appearance of a real car, making it an incredibly lifelike model.
  • Openable Doors, Hood, and Trunk: Enjoy intimate interactions with the model car by easily opening the doors, hood, and trunk to admire the interior detail and engine compartment details. The model’s interior detail is intricately designed, including seats, dashboard, and console details.
  • Pop-up Headlights: The model’s pop-up headlights car add to its realism. This model is a reference to the iconic car features of the Nissan 180SX.
  • Engine Compartment Details: The engine compartment interior is lifelike, accurately depicting the mechanical components of the real car. For those who love detailing the engine bay, this model provides a fantastic canvas.
  • Right-hand Drive: This model features a right-hand drive design, faithfully reproducing the characteristics of the real car. It’s a classic among JDM structures and a custom JDM cars enthusiast’s dream.
  • Highly Detailed: The designers paid great attention to detail, ensuring that this model is as realistic as possible, allowing you to appreciate its exquisite craftsmanship. This is the epitome of JDM model cars.
  • Please note that this model provides only the parts kit, and assembly instructions need to be purchased from the designer’s page. Unless otherwise stated, stickers are not included, but any custom printed parts are substituted with regular parts.

Design Inspiration from the Nissan 180SX, but not a replica. Here is some basic information and model characteristics about the Nissan 180SX:

  1. Historical Background: The Nissan 180SX was first introduced in 1989 and continued production until 1998. It was a sister model to the Nissan Silvia, sharing its chassis and mechanical components.
  2. Engines: The Nissan 180SX came with various engine options, including four-cylinder turbocharged engines and naturally aspirated engines, each offering different performance levels. The SR20DET engine is the most famous choice, providing excellent power and handling.
  3. Body Design: The Nissan 180SX featured a typical three-door hatchback design with a sleek appearance and a distinctive sloping rear window, providing excellent aerodynamic performance. It’s one of the most popular sports cars in its category.
  4. Rear-wheel Drive Layout: Its rear-wheel drive layout made it highly agile in handling, particularly beloved by racing enthusiasts, offering excellent stability, especially for those who prefer rear-wheel drive sedans and their performance characteristics.. It’s a prime example of RWD cars.
  5. Suspension System: The independent front and rear suspension system improved its handling characteristics, making it one of the most cherished compact cute small cars in the automotive world.
  6. Traditional Manual Transmission: Typically equipped with a manual transmission for added driving enjoyment, although there was also an automatic transmission option.

In summary, the Nissan 180SX is a classic Japanese compact sports car known for its rear-wheel-drive layout, excellent suspension characteristics, and suitability for modifications. It has had a widespread influence in the racing and modification community and remains a beloved classic. This old 2 door cars model draws its design inspiration from this legendary model, providing a thrilling challenge for model-making enthusiasts. The 1:16 scale model cars offers a unique experience, and its pop-up headlights make it stand out as a truly iconic automotive masterpiece among compact cars.


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