1/8 scale rc Sports Car DIY building Blocks,2527Pcs,APP Remote Control,Future sci-fi sports car model


This RC car model made of mini building blocks is a well-designed sports car model that references and is compatible with the Lamborghini V12 Vision Gran Turismo super sports car, offering a range of impressive characteristics:



  • Model Design and Reference:Referring to the Lamborghini V12 VGT for inspiration, this model boasts exterior and interior details similar to those of the supercar. It captures the unique wheel design, front and rear styling, and complex interior features comparable to the Lamborghini V12 Vision Gran Turismo interior.
  • Electrically Operated Front and Rear Hoods: Both the front and rear hoods of this model can be electrically opened, enhancing interactivity and detail replication.
  • Simulated Linked Engine and Steering Wheel: The model is equipped with a simulated linked engine and steering wheel, allowing you to experience the dynamic driving effects, akin to a V12 engine diesel.
  • Eco-Friendly ABS Plastic: The building blocks are constructed from eco-friendly ABS plastic, ensuring durability and a smooth surface finish.
  • Ease of Assembly: A paper instruction manual is included, making the assembly process clear and straightforward. The entire assembly takes approximately 20-30 hours, and the parts can be opened gradually, reducing the risk of part loss, ensuring a smooth gear linkage.
  • Ideal for Gifting: This building block product makes an excellent gift, suitable for those who are passionate about supercars, whether they are friends or family members.
  • Ages 8+: The product is designed for players aged 8 and above, catering to a wide range of age groups.


Product Specifications:

  • Color: Green
  • Material: Eco-friendly ABS plastic
  • Product Dimensions: 55.5 x 24.5 x 12.5 cm
  • Product Weight: 5000 grams
  • Packaging Dimensions: 62 x 13 x 39 cm
  • Packaging Weight: 5300 grams
  • Packaging: Graphic cardboard box


Package Contents:

1 set x DIY building blocks

This remote control car building block product provides a challenging and satisfying assembly experience, allowing you to construct a miniature version of a futuristic supercar with a mini V12 engine. Whether you’re a supercar enthusiast or looking for a fun gift, this product meets your needs and allows you to experience the thrill of model car building with intricate model car parts.


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