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In pursuit of exceptional performance and meticulous design, we proudly present the all-new assembled race car models – the Ultimate Adventurer. This model car is a true engineering marvel, drawing inspiration from the Bentley Continental GT3 race car and pushing the boundaries in terms of detail and functionality.

59cm x 15cm x 25cm
23.2in x 5.9in x 9.8in

Key Features:

  • 1:8 Scale model cars: The Ultimate Adventurer model car is presented in a 1/8 scale rc, showcasing exquisite craftsmanship in every detail.
  • Over 3600 Pieces: Assembling this model car, featuring independent front suspension and independent rear suspension, requires over 3600 precision-designed components to ensure the highest quality during the assembly process.
  • Over Half a Meter Long: The impressive size of this model car, measuring over half a meter in length, demands attention and admiration. Its aero pack and rear spoiler enhance both aesthetics and performance.
  • Comes with Instruction Manual: Making the assembly process effortless, the product includes a detailed instruction manual to guide you through the project.
  • Openable Engine Hood: In reference to the Bentley Continental GT3’s aesthetics, the model car features an openable engine hood, revealing a breathtaking internal engineering.
  • Openable Doors: The model car’s doors can be opened, allowing you to appreciate the intricate Bentley Continental GT interior design.
  • Rotating Engine and Pistons: The model car’s engine and pistons can rotate, just like a real V8 engine, adding realism and interactivity.
  • Independent Front and Rear Suspension: Similar to the Bentley GT3 race car, this model boasts an outstanding independent front and rear suspension system, ensuring stability across various terrains.
  • Functional Steering: The model car features a fully functional steering system, with a steering wheel similar to the GT3 steering wheel, allowing you to control the vehicle in various situations.
  • Fully Developed Powertrain System: Similar to the Bentley Continental GT3, the model car is equipped with a complete powertrain system, ensuring excellent power transmission performance.
  • Race Car Aerodynamics Kit: The model car incorporates a meticulously designed aerodynamics kit, enhancing stability during high-speed driving, just like a real Bentley race car.
  • Heavy-Duty Springs: The suspension system is equipped with heavy-duty springs, providing excellent suspension performance.
  • XL Motor: The model car is powered by a potent XL motor, delivering impressive performance.


The Ultimate Adventurer model car is a masterpiece in the world of automotive models, a tribute to the Bentley Continental GT3. With a 1:8 scale and over 3600 components, it’s not only a fine decorative piece but also a technological marvel, immersing enthusiasts and model hobbyists into the fascinating realm of automotive engineering. Whether you wish to display it or consider it a collector’s item, the Ultimate Adventurer model car promises immense satisfaction. It’s an engineering marvel, intricate down to every screw hole, showcasing the craftsmanship of automotive manufacturing.


About the Continental GT3:

The Bentley Continental GT3 is a high-performance GT3 race car manufactured by Bentley, based in the United Kingdom. It is purpose-built for international GT3 racing events and motorsport activities. The car is powered by a V8 engine twin-turbocharged engine, generating over 600 horsepower for exceptional acceleration and high-speed performance. The race car’s chassis undergoes comprehensive upgrades, including improved suspension systems, brakes, and tires, ensuring outstanding stability and handling capabilities.

The meticulously designed aerodynamic exterior enhances the car’s airflow performance and provides additional downforce at high speeds, improving suspension and handling. The Continental GT3 complies with the safety standards of the International Automobile Federation (FIA), incorporating safety features like safety seats and crash structures.

This car frequently participates in international GT3 racing events, such as the Blancpain GT Series and ADAC GT Masters, offering drivers the opportunity to showcase their driving skills and teamwork. In summary, the Bentley Continental GT3 is a high-performance race car designed for competitive driving, embodying Bentley’s engineering and performance spirit.


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