1/8 scale rc blue car racing, 1666pcs, car bricks, for 12+ Year Boys.Adult, Racing Car Building Blocks Kit.


Product Name: Second Generation Electric Racing Car Model

Product Description:

The second generation of electric racing car models, including a streamlined building blocks car body design and a new power unit, is on the horizon, designed to lead the competition. This model promises an exhilarating blue car racing experience as you take your brand-new car to the track, It’s like driving a Formula E car.

Rough Dimensions:

  • 54cm in length, 11cm in width, and 22cm in height
  • Approximately 21.3 inches long, 4.3 inches wide, and 8.7 inches tall

Key Features:

  • 1/8 scale model cars: This model car is precisely replicated to a 1/8 scale rc, offering a wide variety of options for your racing car set, providing a lifelike racing experience in terms of appearance and dimensions.
  • Over 1600 Parts: This model comprises over 1600 precision-engineered parts, offering endless assembly and tuning enjoyment, just like building blocks for a car.
  • Over 50 Centimeters Long: The length of the brand-new racing car exceeds 50 centimeters, making it a striking model.
  • Independent Front Suspension: The model utilizes an independent front suspension system to deliver outstanding suspension performance, ensuring the vehicle’s excellent performance on uneven tracks.
  • Controllable Steering System: Equipped with a controllable steering system, allowing you to have precise control over the car’s movements on the track.
  • Full Aerodynamics Kit: The model car features a complete aerodynamics kit, including front wings, rear wings, and diffusers, enhancing stability and handling, just like a super drift car.
  • Detailed Front Wing: The intricately designed front wing not only increases visual appeal but also improves the car’s performance.
  • Sophisticated Transmission System: The model comes equipped with a precisely manufactured transmission system to ensure power transfer efficiency and provide powerful acceleration performance.
  • V6 Engine with Rotating Pistons: The model is powered by a simulated V6 engine, adding to the realism of the racing car, making it the fastest V6 engine model in the market.
  • Driver Halo-Style Protection: The model car replicates the Halo-style protective structure found in real racing cars, enhancing driver safety. It’s the most powerful V6 engine model with extreme RC hobbies.
  • Remote-Controlled Driving and Steering: You can remotely drive the car and control the steering system through a remote controller, enjoying the full thrill of model racing. It’s an excellent set for racing car toys.
  • Includes Assembly Instructions: It comes with detailed assembly instructions, making it easy for you to put together this highly complex model. Building your car with these instructions is like assembling a brick model car.

This model car draws design inspiration from Formula E cars 2023, which has been at the forefront of electric racing technology. Some of the features of FE include:

  • Electric Power System: real FE racing adopts an electric power system using batteries and electric motors to provide powerful and eco-friendly performance. This reflects the spirit of electric car drag racing.
  • City Tracks: FE races are typically held on city tracks, providing more challenges and excitement to the model racing experience, simulating real urban racing events.
  • Formula One Rules: The car’s rules and regulations are similar to FE, including qualifying races, points systems, and special rules like “attack mode” and battery changes.
  • Teams and Drivers: The design of the car also considers FE’s teams and drivers, delivering an good racing experience. It’s a super Formula racing experience for enthusiasts.

This second-generation electric racing car model promises to bring you the excitement of real racing while celebrating the future of electric racing technology represented by FE. It’s not just a model; it’s a tribute to the progress in the electric car industry and sustainable urban transportation solutions. Seize the opportunity to drive your model racing car on the track during the electric racing craze!

Enjoy the thrill of racing with aerodynamics and wishbone rear suspension, and get ready for an extreme RC experience. Whether you’re into racing or simply enjoy assembling brick cars, this model caters to all enthusiasts. Get ready for the future of electric racing with a car that combines power, performance, and precision!


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