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New for 2022: Stylish Design, Outstanding Performance, build a race car kit

A brand new era is approaching, and we are delighted to introduce the all-new Formula 1 RC car to you. This is a model that combines stylish body design and the latest power unit, setting it ahead of the competition and taking you on an exhilarating journey on the racetrack. Whether you’re into Formula 1 model cars, race car model kits, or building your own remote control car kit, this Formula 1 toy car is sure to captivate your interest.


  • 54 cm x 11 cm x 22 cm, making it a 1/8 scale model car.
  • 21.3 inches x 4.3 inches x 8.7 inches

Key Features:

  • 1/8 scale model cars: This Formula 1 model car perfectly replicates the scale of real race cars, providing an eye-catching experience that immerses you in the allure of Formula 1 (F1) racing. If you’re a fan of model race cars, you’ll appreciate the attention to detail.
  • Over 1300 Parts: Exquisite craftsmanship and lifelike details make this model race car an excellent choice for collectors and decorators. It’s not just an RC car; it’s a work of art.
  • Over 50 cm in Length: Its size not only makes a statement but also fully showcases the elegant lines of the Formula sports car. The wishbone rear suspension ensures a smooth ride.
  • Independent Front and Rear Suspension: Simulating the independent front suspension and rear suspension system of real race cars, it enhances control, making it a standout among 1/8 scale RC cars and race car models.
  • Operational Steering Wheel: You can effortlessly control this 1/8 scale model car as if you were on a real racetrack, experiencing the thrill of Formula 1.
  • Complete Aerodynamic Kit: Carefully designed aerodynamics provide better high-speed stability, making the model race car stand out, just like a Formula 1 race car with its distinctive rear wing.
  • Adjustable Rear Wing: You can customize the rear wing according to your preferences to optimize the model car’s performance. This model car references the F1 rear wing design, adding a touch of realism.
  • Sophisticated Transmission System: Simulating the transmission system of real F1 race cars ensures efficient power delivery, essential for top-tier Formula 1 RC cars.
  • Engine with Rotating Pistons: This model car pays homage to the engine details of the Ferrari F1 model car and will amaze you as if you can hear the roar of the real engine. Similar to the Ferrari F1 75 model.
  • Driver’s Halo Protection: The cockpit of the driver is filled with details, including a helmet and protection system, adding more realism to the model race car, just like the Formula 1 race cars you admire.
  • Modeling Instructions Included in the Package: No need to worry about assembly; the detailed instructions included will guide you through the assembly of the model car, making it an accessible way to build a race car kit.
  • All pre-orders are prepared and shipped: Simply place your order, and you’ll quickly get this exciting model car, ready to showcase at home or share with friends, whether they’re into Formula 1 or formula sports cars or not.

In summary, the all-new 2022 race car is an exciting model that combines style, performance, and detail, allowing you to experience the charm of Formula 1 racing at home. This model car will be an excellent choice for racing enthusiasts, model collectors, and anyone who enjoys Formula 1 and 1/8 scale RC cars. Purchase the all-new 2022 race car and bring a racing extravaganza into your life!


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