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  • WIDEBODY JAPANESE KEI TRUCK Family Building Blocks Car Toys 2492PCS,6+

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    In Unicarss car toy series, the blue truck has a large drive motor and a unique power system, which makes it a k truck toy that cannot be ignored!

    1.The appearance of our toy cars

    Unicarss Blue Truck toy is a building blocks toys designed based on the truck. It uses blue as the main color, the overall appearance of realistic shape, in the design, unlike other off brand legos, Unicarss Blue Truck block toys strive to restore the classic appearance of the Truck, including the front end, the body, the rear end of the car and other parts of the car are finely engraved. Showcasing the magnanimity of the truck. It is a very good gift idea.

    1. Features of the toy car

    Electric toy car strong power system

    Unicarss Blue Truck is a model with a simulated engine, which is characterized by the side doors can be installed with power packs, the doors on both sides can be opened, and can be linked with the steering wheel. This truck model has a high degree of simulation and can provide players with a more realistic driving experience. In addition, Unicarss blue truck model is also equipped with a power pack, which can be linked with the simulated engine through the car remote control to provide more rich gameplay. Players can improve the performance of the model by installing the power pack.

    High simulation of car toys

    Unicarss Blue Truck is a high simulation model, which not only has the function of side door can be opened, but also can realize simulation steering.Unicarss Blue Truck also supports adding dynamic upgrade package, which can simulate the truck loaded with goods. It is paired with a toy car race track to enhance the fun and challenge of the toy car. This high level of simulation also makes the model a great choice for birthday gifts and family building blocks, both for truck fans and modeling enthusiasts.

    The rich playability of building blocks toys

    Unicarss Blue Truck large building blocks Toy is made of high-quality plastic, which is tightly spliced and not easy to fall apart. Children can follow the steps in the instructions to put together the blocks.Unicarss Blue Truck building blocks set is designed to realistically reproduce the appearance and structure of the truck, allowing children to learn about the structure of the car and the layout of the cab in the process of playing. Kids can imagine themselves as the driver and drive this truck to carry out various tasks, such as delivering goods, carrying and so on. During the role-playing process, kids can practice their communication skills and teamwork. It is a great kids building toys


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