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  • REMOTE CONTROLLED FORKLIFT Race Car Toys Electric Car Toy 1718PCS 1:10

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    Our well-known control remote car


    Unicarss red RC forklift, the most relevant design and unique existence among the brands of Unicarss building toy, is loved by children and often seen as toy cars for kids, and, of course, grown-ups are not exempted from being attracted by its interesting nature.

    1. Appearance of car toy

    Unicarss red remote control forklift, the overall use of building block for building bricks, with a sense of patchwork design, and kei truck are not the same as the seat skeleton way of design, with a typical red and black color scheme, is a feature-rich, but typical existence.


    2.Extraordinary Block adult rc cars Features

    Multi-functional remote controlled design

    This large building blocks, highly reproducible according to the ratio of 1:8, has the multifunctional design of remote control rear wheel steering, remote control front wheel drive, remote control lifting and tilting lift, and at the same time, it is set to the mode of dual remote controlled, which can be utilized in the mode of cell phone, and it is a typical electric toy car.

    Realistic electric toy car – Cargo Forklift Reduction

    Unlike the tow truck flatbed, the toy car can be completely remote control, like a cargo consignment can generally be free to lift and lower, running clearly visible gears and institutions, multi-directional driving, creating blocky cars.

    Powerful and durable remote controlled motor

    This Unicarss car building models, using black gold motor to provide strong power, 2.4G lithium box, XL and L-type motor, can make it easy to go around corners, just like an adult rc cars, designed to create a sincere work.

  • REMOTE CONTROLLED ROPE SHOVEL Brick Remote Control Car Electric Toy Car 2968PCS

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    Our well-known control remote car

    Unicarss RC Rope Shovel 2968PCS is the giant of building blocks toys, the mammoth of the heavy machinery world, far ahead of the lego excavator from appearance to quality. It has a high status in the construction vehicle series.

    1.Appearance of car toy

    Unicarss RC Rope Shovel 2968PCS (65cm x 25cm x 40cm) made a stunning debut in stance a car, with a half-meter long body with red and black tones to give customers the greatest visual impact, and precision body structure is also a major selling point of this prod

    2.Extraordinary Block adult rc cars Features

    It is a fully functional adult rc cars

    The Unicarss RC rope shovel 2968PCS features full remote control drive, 360 degree cab rotation, full dynamic arm operation and an open bucket. The independent drive of the left and right tracks is also done in the form of remote controlled. With the high capacity battery pack, there is no need to worry about facing the problem of low power when using these adult rc cars.

    The building blocks are very well designed.

    Unicarss RC Rope Shovel 2968PCS is made of up to 2900 build blocks, and the large number of building block sets is matched with a near-perfect car stance. Tracks, force arms, body and even decals give the product car building models that are not inferior to the real car.

    The toy car is free from the traditional RC hand lever

    Unicarss RC Rope Shovel 2968PCS has 4G Bluetooth connectivity, which allows you to use your cell phone APP for a better remote control experience. With this model, all kinds of heavy machine will be at your command and will surely give you an unforgettable experience.


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    So here’s the deal – everyone LOVED our 50cm+ Formula Race Car models and we kept getting requests for larger, more feature packed models. So what did we do? We released 4 new Formula Race Cars that are 20% bigger, have 50% more parts, even more hidden features and, did we mention, they are FULLY remote controlled!

    These are, without a doubt, the most detailed and thorough Formula Race Car models available anywhere. After all, that’s what they were designed for.

    62cm x 15cm x 28.5cm
    24.4in x 5.9in x 11.2in

    Key Features:
    • 1:8 Scale
    • Over 1600 Pieces
    • Over 60cm Long
    • Independent Front & Rear Wishbone Suspension
    • Dual Shock Absorbers per Corner
    • Functioning Steering
    • Full Aero Pack
    • DRS
    • Fully Developed Transmission System
    • Fully Remote Controlled
    • Remote Controlled Drive
    • Remote Controlled Steering
    • Engine with Rotating Pistons
    • 2x High Torque Drive Motors
    • 1x Servo Motor
    • 1x Battery Pack & Receiver
    • 1x Remote
    • Massive Tyres
    • Detailed Cabin
    • Detailed Air Intakes
    • Building Instruction Booklet included in Parcel
  • REMOTE CONTROLLED SKIP & TOW TRUCK Building Blocks Toy Race Car Toys 2950PCS 14+

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    Our well known remote control car-.


    In Unicarss range of building blocks toys, the RC Dumper Trailer car toy 2950PCS 14+ is an excellent model cars to build as a large building block toy truck with extremely rich play and features.

    1. The appearance of the toy truck

    Unicarss Remote Control Dumper Trailer Building Block Toy comes in a green and white color scheme, and at the same time, it is equipped with four pairs of tires, which makes the trailer more stable during driving and better adapted to various terrains. The design of four pairs of tires not only improves the driving stability of the trailer, but also increases its load capacity. This means that children can use their imagination more freely when playing and load more building block onto the trailer.

    1. Features of the toy car

    Electric car toy for diverse play

    Unicarss Tipper rc tow truck Building Blocks Toy 2950PCS 14+ is a toy car with multiple functions and ways to play. It has a simulated appearance and looks very realistic. Using four-channel dual-mode lithium battery as the power source, it can provide stable and long-lasting power support. The dual rear axle drive design makes the vehicle have good passing performance and maneuverability.Unicarss Dump Trailer Building Block Toys 2950PCS 14+ also has multiple modes of play, such as tow truck flatbed,car trailer, dump truck and so on.

    Powerful remote control function for electric car toy

    Unicarss Dump Trailer control remote car has a powerful remote controlled function, it is equipped with a 2.4GHZ car remote control, this remote control has a stable signal and a fast operating response speed, which allows kids to have better control of the trailer while playing. In addition, Unicarss Dumper Trailer Block Toy can also be controlled remotely via mobile apps. With the remote control or mobile apps with the toy car race track, kids can control the trailer’s forward, backward, left and right steering movements, as well as the lift of the dumping bucket, which is easy to operate and easy to get started.

    Precision details of block toys

    Unicarss remote control trailer is a large building blocks with rich details and exquisite appearance.Unicarss remote control trailer adopts a unique shape design with smooth lines and bright colors, which gives people a fashionable and high-end feeling.Unicarss remote control trailer is made of high quality materials, which has good abrasion resistance and anti-drop performance, ensuring the service life and safety of the product. In addition, Unicarss RC trailers emphasize environmental protection and safety in the design and production process, with no harmful substances, so that children can play with peace of mind.

  • REMOTE CONTROLLED TOW TRUCK Build Blocks Toy Race Cars 4882PCS

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    Our well known RC car


    Among Unicarss car toys, the RC Trailer Building Block 4882PCS is a unique existence, as a trailer, it is extremely versatile and playful, and it is a model of its excellent car building models

    1. Appearance of the toy car

    Unicarss Remote Control Trailer building block 4882PCS is a rescue tow truck flatbed model with functionality and aesthetics. The exterior design of the trailer has a high degree of simulation, making it look more realistic. The yellow color scheme also adds a vibrant and recognizable look. The trailer is equipped with a retractable boom, and the appearance of the trailer adopts a mechanical style design, which looks very powerful and is also in line with the characteristics of the rescue trailer, which is very suitable for family building blocks and cars collection enthusiasts.

    2.Toy car features

    Electric car toy rich in accessories

    The rich accessories of Unicarss rc tow truck Building Block 4882PCS really provide players with more control and building options. The servo motor is the power source of the trailer block, which can precisely control the steering and traveling of the vehicle. The lithium battery pack is the power source for the remote control trailer block and provides power to the motor. The remote controlled is the main tool to control the trailer building blocks, you can operate the trailer forward, backward, steering and so on through the remote control. Medium motor, large motor, large motor: these different models of motors provide more choices for players to choose according to their needs and preferences.

    Rich Functions of Electric car toy

    The boom arm of this Unicarss Remote Trailer Building Block 4882PCS Electric car toy can be retracted as needed to increase the operating range and flexibility. It can be operated manually or remotely via the car remote control, making it easy to operate from a distance or in complex environments. The hook can be adjusted for lifting and lowering to meet the needs of handling at different heights. The boom can be rotated to realize a full range of operating angles, which is convenient to operate in narrow spaces or complex environments, and can meet the needs of a variety of complex play.

    Realistic details of the toy car

    The details of the Unicarss Remote Trailer 4882PCS building blocks set are really outstanding. The doors can be opened and closed like a real vehicle, which adds fun and realism to the play. The front part of the vehicle can be opened remotely for easy loading and unloading operations, which also adds to the fun of the toy. The hoe part can also be opened by remote control, which is convenient for all kinds of handling and loading and unloading operations, and also increases the fun of the toy. In addition, the remote control of this toy is simple in design and easy to operate, suitable for people of all ages, and it is also equipped with a car frames, which can realize a variety of complex functions and actions.

  • Sports Car Building Blocks Kit, 1:8 MOC Race Car Building Set for Adults, Toy Electric Car 3686PCS

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    • Our Famous RC Cars 

      Among Unicarss series of building block race car toys, UnicarssP1 has an aggressive and avant-garde design and high quality workmanship, which make it a very unique and excellent Unicarss model cars to build

      1. Appearance of the car toy

      The UnicarssP1 building blocks toys has a simple design on the front of the car, with a contrasting black and yellow color scheme. This color scheme makes the appearance of the vehicle more recognizable, this toy car body using black and yellow dual-color collocation, forming a very sporty visual effect. The rear of the vehicle is long, and the mesh shape of the tail can help dissipate heat as well as show off its internal components.

      1. Extraordinary Building Blocks Adult RC Car Features

      Advanced toy car power design

      UnicarssP1 sports car features a flat spoiler lip design on the lower part of the front bumper, which helps to improve the aerodynamic performance of the vehicle at high speeds. TheP1 block racing toy is designed with a shark fin spoiler in front of the front wheels, which increases the stability of the vehicle at high speeds. The rear of the car adopts a powerful rear splitter, this design is more common in roader, can improve the aerodynamic performance of the vehicle. The rear is also paired with dual-exit exhaust tailpipes to give the vehicle a more dynamic look. The mesh shape of the rear end can help dissipate heat as well as show off its internal components.

      High-precision and environmentally friendly building block material

      UnicarssP1 building block racing toys pay attention to details and quality during the design and manufacturing process, making the finished product have high precision and realistic appearance. At the same time, it is made of environmentally friendly materials, which is conducive to the protection of the environment and children’s health.UnicarssP1 is a dual RC programmable power version, which is both highly accurate, movable and remote controlled.This UnicarssP1 race car model, with its beautiful model appearance and stable structure, is suitable for cars collection enthusiasts.

      Rich details of the toy race car

      UnicarssP1 racing car toy also pays great attention to details in the selection of parts and functional design. For example, the racing seat has very good wrapping, as well as simple interior, in addition, the toy car is equipped with a car frames and a toy car race track, the rich details of UnicarssP1 racing car building blocks set are reflected in its appearance, parts, craftsmanship and materials, as well as movability and remote controlled functions. These details make the toy cars have a high degree of simulation and collector’s value….

  • Sports Car Building Blocks Toys,1:14 MOC Building toy Set for Boys Age 14+ Remote Control Toy Car ,1785 Pcs


    About this item
    has designed many products for racing cars and motorcycles, and this 1381piece highly realistic toy is new. (Many of products can add an additional power pack (power pack needs to be purchased separately), making it a remote control car. Welcome to our store to buy your favorite sports car).
    Assembled Series: This is the latest model in our store, with realistic body color and clear assembly instructions, which reflects high requirements for product refinement. And added a lot of details to the product: The left and right steering linkage steering wheel, the classic scissor door opens upward, the high simulation head shape, the aggressive tail wing, can balance the body when driving, yellow plated tires, with the overall purple body, delicate interior and body stickers.
    Luxury Packaging: This 1:14 scale sports car model measures: 14.56″(L) x 7.48″(W) x3.93″(H), comes with detailed instruction manual, beautiful box, the best gift for sports

  • Sports Car Building Toy Sets for Adults, A Colletible Supercar Model to Build and Display, Building Blocks Toy 2,910 Pcs

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    • A supercar build for adults – Recreate all the details of the Swedish original with this Sports Car building set for adults.
    • Made for display – Unique wheel hubs painted with carbon fiber patterns, over-sized exhaust pipes and aerodynamic body make this car model replica so true to the full-size version, and the track-version stickers add the final touch to it. Definitely a collectible car model and a display piece to admire.
    • Faithful design – Features include steering, a working 3-cylinder engine, mechanical linkage on distinctive dihedral doors and steering, opening trunk with a overnight bag and shock absorbers. Just like the original one, this Sports Car model replicate almost all the designs that the real one has.
    • A impressive gift for supercar fans – Created with 2,910 pieces, the finished toy car model measures 22.44in(L)x10.24in(W)x5.71in(H) and comes in luxurious box packaging with a detailed instruction and parts in numbered bags. A perfect car gift for sports car lovers and male adults.
    • Rewarding building experience – As a buidling toy car model, built with high quality parts. Smooth function working lead to a great experience makes it not only a display build, it’s also great for playing with.
  • Sports Car Construction Kit, 1:8 Scale MOC Building Blocks and Construction Toys,Model Cars To Build ,3668+pcs

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    PERFECT FOR COLLECTORS AND BUILDERS: Impressive dimensions, intricate detailing and fascinating interactive features make this an outstanding piece that will impress enthusiasts and onlookers alike. Display it proudly on your shelf or at events and exhibitions to show your dedication and appreciation for the world of supercars.

  • Supercar Building Kit, Sports Car Series Building Blocks Set, boys girls gift,Electric Toy Car 3811PCS

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    • ABS
    • >Based on the prototype of a real car, featuring freewheeling inertial coasting, this supercar highly restores the authentic car vehicle with openable doors.
    • >More than 3818 pieces
    • >Contains professional and detailed paper assembly instructions.
    • > After-sales service: 24 hours after-sales service will be provided. If you are not satisfied with the item, we support refund or exchange. If parts are missing, we will replace them free of charge.
    • >Recommended from 12+ years.
  • THE ULTIMATE HOT ROD Car Building Blocks Cars Toy 2617PCS

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    Our well-known control remote car

    Unicarss Vintage Classic Car is an toy car from the unicarss brand that uses building blocks to authentically recreate the exquisite and vintage feel of this car toy.

    1.Appearance of car toy

    Unicarss vintage classic car (49cm x 13cm x 24cm) is built in 1:8 scale, with the main body colors of green and black, and red sticker embellishments to show off a sense of high class. The unique tire design and body construction show the beauty of heavy machinery. It is the prime choice for cars collection enthusiasts.

    2.Extraordinary Block adult rc cars Features

    Building toys have the same texture as real cars

    Unicarss vintage classic car is made of up to 2,600 pieces of build blocks, using one of the most impeccable engines in the building set, the body is impeccable in shape and detail, and strives to present the best possible stance a car for the customer.

    The toy car is fitted with extremely realistic parts

    Unicarss Vintage Classic Car has a complete exhaust and supercharger system comparable to the real car, and a fully functional drivetrain. It is a very luxurious setup for block toys. High quality parts bring not only a more realistic experience, but also meet the customer’s requirements for toy cars.

    Near-perfect remote controlled experience

    Not only the common remote control function, the product also supports remote drive and remote steering function, it is a very top adult rc cars, with the easy-to-understand building instruction manual in the package, it will not let you disappointed with these building blocks toys.

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