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  • DIY 1:14 Purple colorful combination sports car kit cars to build, Building Blocks Electric Toy Car 1280pcs

    • Our well known remote control cars


      In Unicarss sports car series, Unicarss cyberpunk building block racing car is and its dazzling existence in the whole Unicarss building blocks toys due to its sci-fi appearance and very futuristic style color scheme

      1. Body of the car toy

      Unicarss cyberpunk car toys have a unique paint job and color scheme, the cyberpunk race car has a unique paint job and color scheme with electroplated silver, fluorescent green and fluorescent red to show its sci-fi and futuristic features. Unicarss cyberpunk large building blocks car has very avant-garde design elements, including sharp body lines, strange front and rear light design and innovative body decorations to highlight its personality. decorations, etc. to emphasize its personality and uniqueness. Perfect for cars collection.

      1. Extraordinary control remote control car features

      Realistic toy car details

      The rear of Unicarss cyberpunk toy building sets car usually adopts a unique design style with sharp lines and flat taillights to highlight its strong sense of the future and technology. The scissor door and hood of Unicarss cyberpunk block race car can be opened while the interior part of the cyberpunk car is equipped with a simulated engine, and the steering wheel of Unicarss cyberpunk block car is linked with other parts of the vehicle for design. The steering wheel of Unicarss Cyberpunk Block Racer is also designed to link with other parts of the vehicle, such as the instrument panel and the center control screen, in order to highlight its future high-tech and intelligent features.

      The rich playability of a electric toy car

      Unicarss cyberpunk block racing car has a wireless motorized remote controlled function, which allows the player to control the car to carry out various actions freely within a long distance through the car remote control. It is worth mentioning that Unicarss Cyberpunk Racing Car also has its own controllable light function and car frames, players can control the front and rear lights of the racing car through the remote control, adding more fun and interactivity to the racing car.

      Highly reproducible car toys

      Unicarss cyberpunk block racing cars usually portray the details of the original car according to a certain proportion, such as body size, shape and lines, and their tires are also made according to the style and size of the original car. Unicarss cyberpunk block racing cars are equipped with a toy car race track and movable doors, so that the player can open and close the doors as he or she pleases. Its wheels can also usually be turned to simulate the driving of a real race car. The body and chassis of the toy are usually designed with linked spindles to make the toy more stable during driving.

  • RC Limited Edition Electroplate Apollo Streamer Violet Building Blocks,Electric Car Toy 2443 Pcs,1:10

    • Our Famous RC CarsIn Unicarss luxury sports car series, the Sun God Apollo Fluorescent Purple building blocks toys adopts its bold design color scheme and powerful motor, all of which show the extreme charm of this race car toys!
      1. Appearance of the toy car

      The Unicarss Sun God Apollo Fluorescent Purple building block Racing Car’s exterior color scheme is painted in Fluorescent Purple electroplating, which gives it a unique luster and color effect. The angular design of the front header gives this toy car a more race car feeling.

      1. Features of electric toy car

      Strong power of electric car toys

      Unicarss Helios Apollo Fluorescent Purple electric toy car is a very high performance toy model cars. It is equipped with a 6.3L V12 naturally aspirated engine with amazing power output. Accelerating in just 2.7 seconds for 100km, it has a maximum output of 788 hp and a maximum torque of 760 Nm. This power performance, combined with the HEWLAND 6-speed sequential gearbox and the car remote control, allows the car to reach a top speed of 333 km/h.

      Advanced building materials

      Unlike other off brand legos, the Helios Apollo is a non-high performance supercar. The car utilizes the most advanced materials and technologies for maximum performance and handling capabilities. Independent research and development of independent motors and electric butterfly door, independent design of the large size of the rear wing with the upper and lower two rows of four (port, equipped with a toy car race track, provides a powerful power unity for the race car, can make the car faster acceleration, more powerful jet.

      The rich playability of the remote control car

      The Sun God Apollo block racing car toy is paired with a 2.4GHz remote control for four-wheel drive drifting and supports programming mode, navigation path mode, simulated driving mode and gravity sensing mode, providing players with rich remote controlled


  • Sports Car Building Blocks Toys,1:14 MOC Building toy Set for Boys Age 14+ Remote Control Toy Car ,1785 Pcs


    About this item
    has designed many products for racing cars and motorcycles, and this 1381piece highly realistic toy is new. (Many of products can add an additional power pack (power pack needs to be purchased separately), making it a remote control car. Welcome to our store to buy your favorite sports car).
    Assembled Series: This is the latest model in our store, with realistic body color and clear assembly instructions, which reflects high requirements for product refinement. And added a lot of details to the product: The left and right steering linkage steering wheel, the classic scissor door opens upward, the high simulation head shape, the aggressive tail wing, can balance the body when driving, yellow plated tires, with the overall purple body, delicate interior and body stickers.
    Luxury Packaging: This 1:14 scale sports car model measures: 14.56″(L) x 7.48″(W) x3.93″(H), comes with detailed instruction manual, beautiful box, the best gift for sports

  • Sports Car Construction Kit, 1:8 Scale MOC Building Blocks and Construction Toys,Model Cars To Build ,3668+pcs

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    PERFECT FOR COLLECTORS AND BUILDERS: Impressive dimensions, intricate detailing and fascinating interactive features make this an outstanding piece that will impress enthusiasts and onlookers alike. Display it proudly on your shelf or at events and exhibitions to show your dedication and appreciation for the world of supercars.

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