Black Warrior Toy Car

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  • DIY 1:8 Scale Super Race Car Building Kit with Electroplated Metal Parts Creative Building Toys for Adults Electric Toy Car(3389 Pieces)

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    • Our well-known control remote car


      Unicarss  911 is a unique presence in Unicarss fast and furious toy cars series brand, even lego porche is eclipsed by all brands of car toys.

      1. Appearance of car toy

      Unicarss  911’s overall appearance is very classic, silver-gray high-level sense, blue-green low-key sense, red and white retro sense, three color choices, to bring you a different experience, in accordance with the  911 rwb replica, 180sx to show its streamlined shape and limited edition electroplated metallic paint.


      2.Extraordinary Block adult rc cars Features

      Highly reproduce the car model building block

      The front of the car is designed with a front cover can be opened device, the use of rubber tires for 1:8 reduction of the new wide-body sports car wheels eyebrow, set the simulation of taillight modeling, the car frames are stable, like a fine replica of the kinetic sculpture designed with building blocks.

      Dual remote controlled mode design

      2.4G remote control, support handle + APP dual remote controlled mode, so you can always put the direction of the control in their own hands, six directions for you to drive, 2WD 4WD switch at will, how you can play conveniently, Unicarss on how to design, just to create a brand new stance cars belongs to you.

      Realistic sports car mode settings

      Unicarss  911 as an adult rc cars, through the linkage control, engine linkage and other sports car detail design, wholeheartedly for you to create a sports car immersive feeling, agility pull full, oversized construction of large building blocks, to create belongs to you, belongs to Unicarss legend.

  • DIY Black Sports Car Building Blocks and Construction Toy, Adult Collectible Model Cars Set to Build, 1:14 Scale Sports Car Model Electric Car Toy (1337 Pcs)

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    • ENJOY ASSEMBLY: The racing model consists of 1337 easy-installation parts in numbered bag – You can enjoy the fun while not getting bored.
    • HAVE YOUR OWN RACER CAR: The L670 sports model car build is created with 1337 pieces which is compatible with bricks, features a classic black color scheme.
    • HIGH QUALITY TIME: Building is a wonderful activity together with family or friends.
    • IDEAL GIFT : The perfect gift for car lovers and future engineers!
  • DIY black warrior Off Road Vehicle Brick Car,Electric Toy Car 2687pcs,8+


    Product brand: off-road vehicle

    Product Name: Black Knight

    Applicable age: 8+

    Product size: 40x20x20cm

    Packaging size: 60x38x9cm

  • Diytoy 1:14 Scale Car Model Building Toys,Adult Collectible Race Car,career builder for 15+ Year Boys,Building Blocks Toy Adult(1391 Pieces)

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    ➤Designed especially for Super Sports car vehicle fans,superb detailing,1:14 Scale(Size:37cm*19cm*10cm) with this Sports car model Compatible with major brand building blocks.The perfect gift for Sports car lovers and future engineers
    ➤Super Sports Car Model: is Steering Wheel Rotation Can Be Linked with Front Wheel Steering,Car tail Spoiler,Openable Gull-Wing Door, Electroplating Wheel Hub & Rubber Tires,Realistic cab,Delicate interior.Comes in luxurious box packaging with a detailed instruction
    ➤This Super Sports car Built by 1391 Pieces Blocks,Building is a wonderful activity together with family or friends. This car building toy will promote your child’s hand-eye coordination, divergent thinking,problem-solving skills,inspires creativity and brain development. Helps children learn collaboration and teamwork.
    ➤This Collectible Super Sports Car Model Features a classic Reddish Black Color Scheme, really captures the vehicle’s level of refinement,modern lines and Aerodynamic bod

  • Sports Car Building Blocks Kit, 1:8 MOC Race Car Building Set for Adults, Toy Electric Car 3686PCS

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    • Our Famous RC Cars 

      Among Unicarss series of building block race car toys, UnicarssP1 has an aggressive and avant-garde design and high quality workmanship, which make it a very unique and excellent Unicarss model cars to build

      1. Appearance of the car toy

      The UnicarssP1 building blocks toys has a simple design on the front of the car, with a contrasting black and yellow color scheme. This color scheme makes the appearance of the vehicle more recognizable, this toy car body using black and yellow dual-color collocation, forming a very sporty visual effect. The rear of the vehicle is long, and the mesh shape of the tail can help dissipate heat as well as show off its internal components.

      1. Extraordinary Building Blocks Adult RC Car Features

      Advanced toy car power design

      UnicarssP1 sports car features a flat spoiler lip design on the lower part of the front bumper, which helps to improve the aerodynamic performance of the vehicle at high speeds. TheP1 block racing toy is designed with a shark fin spoiler in front of the front wheels, which increases the stability of the vehicle at high speeds. The rear of the car adopts a powerful rear splitter, this design is more common in roader, can improve the aerodynamic performance of the vehicle. The rear is also paired with dual-exit exhaust tailpipes to give the vehicle a more dynamic look. The mesh shape of the rear end can help dissipate heat as well as show off its internal components.

      High-precision and environmentally friendly building block material

      UnicarssP1 building block racing toys pay attention to details and quality during the design and manufacturing process, making the finished product have high precision and realistic appearance. At the same time, it is made of environmentally friendly materials, which is conducive to the protection of the environment and children’s health.UnicarssP1 is a dual RC programmable power version, which is both highly accurate, movable and remote controlled.This UnicarssP1 race car model, with its beautiful model appearance and stable structure, is suitable for cars collection enthusiasts.

      Rich details of the toy race car

      UnicarssP1 racing car toy also pays great attention to details in the selection of parts and functional design. For example, the racing seat has very good wrapping, as well as simple interior, in addition, the toy car is equipped with a car frames and a toy car race track, the rich details of UnicarssP1 racing car building blocks set are reflected in its appearance, parts, craftsmanship and materials, as well as movability and remote controlled functions. These details make the toy cars have a high degree of simulation and collector’s value….

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