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  • REMOTE CONTROLLED CARGO TRUCK Electric Toy Car Building Models 2072PCS

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    We don’t say this lightly, heck, we’ve never said this about one of our models before – this model is surprisingly fast thanks to its high torque electric motors and internal gearing. At over 60cm in length you can be sure this will be an amazing build full of playable features once assembled.

    Dimensions without Trailer:
    65cm x 12cm x 17cm
    25.5in x 4.7in x 6.6in 

    Key Features:

    • Over 2000pcs
    • Over 60cm Long
    • Remote Controlled Drive
    • Remote Controlled Steering
    • Folding Mirrors
    • Opening Doors
    • Detachable Trailer
    • 1x High Torque Drive Motor
    • 1x Servo Motor
    • 1x Rechargeable Battery
    • 1x Remote Control
    • Opening Cargo Doors
    • Building Instruction Booklet included in Parcel
  • REMOTE CONTROLLED FORKLIFT Race Car Toys Electric Car Toy 1718PCS 1:10

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    Our well-known control remote car


    Unicarss red RC forklift, the most relevant design and unique existence among the brands of Unicarss building toy, is loved by children and often seen as toy cars for kids, and, of course, grown-ups are not exempted from being attracted by its interesting nature.

    1. Appearance of car toy

    Unicarss red remote control forklift, the overall use of building block for building bricks, with a sense of patchwork design, and kei truck are not the same as the seat skeleton way of design, with a typical red and black color scheme, is a feature-rich, but typical existence.


    2.Extraordinary Block adult rc cars Features

    Multi-functional remote controlled design

    This large building blocks, highly reproducible according to the ratio of 1:8, has the multifunctional design of remote control rear wheel steering, remote control front wheel drive, remote control lifting and tilting lift, and at the same time, it is set to the mode of dual remote controlled, which can be utilized in the mode of cell phone, and it is a typical electric toy car.

    Realistic electric toy car – Cargo Forklift Reduction

    Unlike the tow truck flatbed, the toy car can be completely remote control, like a cargo consignment can generally be free to lift and lower, running clearly visible gears and institutions, multi-directional driving, creating blocky cars.

    Powerful and durable remote controlled motor

    This Unicarss car building models, using black gold motor to provide strong power, 2.4G lithium box, XL and L-type motor, can make it easy to go around corners, just like an adult rc cars, designed to create a sincere work.

  • REMOTE CONTROLLED SKIP & TOW TRUCK Building Blocks Toy Race Car Toys 2950PCS 14+

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    Our well known remote control car-.


    In Unicarss range of building blocks toys, the RC Dumper Trailer car toy 2950PCS 14+ is an excellent model cars to build as a large building block toy truck with extremely rich play and features.

    1. The appearance of the toy truck

    Unicarss Remote Control Dumper Trailer Building Block Toy comes in a green and white color scheme, and at the same time, it is equipped with four pairs of tires, which makes the trailer more stable during driving and better adapted to various terrains. The design of four pairs of tires not only improves the driving stability of the trailer, but also increases its load capacity. This means that children can use their imagination more freely when playing and load more building block onto the trailer.

    1. Features of the toy car

    Electric car toy for diverse play

    Unicarss Tipper rc tow truck Building Blocks Toy 2950PCS 14+ is a toy car with multiple functions and ways to play. It has a simulated appearance and looks very realistic. Using four-channel dual-mode lithium battery as the power source, it can provide stable and long-lasting power support. The dual rear axle drive design makes the vehicle have good passing performance and maneuverability.Unicarss Dump Trailer Building Block Toys 2950PCS 14+ also has multiple modes of play, such as tow truck flatbed,car trailer, dump truck and so on.

    Powerful remote control function for electric car toy

    Unicarss Dump Trailer control remote car has a powerful remote controlled function, it is equipped with a 2.4GHZ car remote control, this remote control has a stable signal and a fast operating response speed, which allows kids to have better control of the trailer while playing. In addition, Unicarss Dumper Trailer Block Toy can also be controlled remotely via mobile apps. With the remote control or mobile apps with the toy car race track, kids can control the trailer’s forward, backward, left and right steering movements, as well as the lift of the dumping bucket, which is easy to operate and easy to get started.

    Precision details of block toys

    Unicarss remote control trailer is a large building blocks with rich details and exquisite appearance.Unicarss remote control trailer adopts a unique shape design with smooth lines and bright colors, which gives people a fashionable and high-end feeling.Unicarss remote control trailer is made of high quality materials, which has good abrasion resistance and anti-drop performance, ensuring the service life and safety of the product. In addition, Unicarss RC trailers emphasize environmental protection and safety in the design and production process, with no harmful substances, so that children can play with peace of mind.

  • REMOTE CONTROLLED TOW TRUCK Build Blocks Toy Race Cars 4882PCS

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    Our well known RC car


    Among Unicarss car toys, the RC Trailer Building Block 4882PCS is a unique existence, as a trailer, it is extremely versatile and playful, and it is a model of its excellent car building models

    1. Appearance of the toy car

    Unicarss Remote Control Trailer building block 4882PCS is a rescue tow truck flatbed model with functionality and aesthetics. The exterior design of the trailer has a high degree of simulation, making it look more realistic. The yellow color scheme also adds a vibrant and recognizable look. The trailer is equipped with a retractable boom, and the appearance of the trailer adopts a mechanical style design, which looks very powerful and is also in line with the characteristics of the rescue trailer, which is very suitable for family building blocks and cars collection enthusiasts.

    2.Toy car features

    Electric car toy rich in accessories

    The rich accessories of Unicarss rc tow truck Building Block 4882PCS really provide players with more control and building options. The servo motor is the power source of the trailer block, which can precisely control the steering and traveling of the vehicle. The lithium battery pack is the power source for the remote control trailer block and provides power to the motor. The remote controlled is the main tool to control the trailer building blocks, you can operate the trailer forward, backward, steering and so on through the remote control. Medium motor, large motor, large motor: these different models of motors provide more choices for players to choose according to their needs and preferences.

    Rich Functions of Electric car toy

    The boom arm of this Unicarss Remote Trailer Building Block 4882PCS Electric car toy can be retracted as needed to increase the operating range and flexibility. It can be operated manually or remotely via the car remote control, making it easy to operate from a distance or in complex environments. The hook can be adjusted for lifting and lowering to meet the needs of handling at different heights. The boom can be rotated to realize a full range of operating angles, which is convenient to operate in narrow spaces or complex environments, and can meet the needs of a variety of complex play.

    Realistic details of the toy car

    The details of the Unicarss Remote Trailer 4882PCS building blocks set are really outstanding. The doors can be opened and closed like a real vehicle, which adds fun and realism to the play. The front part of the vehicle can be opened remotely for easy loading and unloading operations, which also adds to the fun of the toy. The hoe part can also be opened by remote control, which is convenient for all kinds of handling and loading and unloading operations, and also increases the fun of the toy. In addition, the remote control of this toy is simple in design and easy to operate, suitable for people of all ages, and it is also equipped with a car frames, which can realize a variety of complex functions and actions.

  • Widebody Campervan building block sets, 3298PCS, This half meter long citi bus model, Adult Construction Vehicle Model Kits, Gifts for Teens and Adult Collectors

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    Product Description:

    Elevate your camping experience to new heights with the all-new Widebody Camper, featuring a custom Satin Blue exterior and the option to customize it with building block sets, allowing for a personal touch of creativity.


    • Size: 50 cm x 22 cm x 25 cm
    • Inches: 19.7 inches x 8.7 inches x 9.8 inches

    Key Features:

    • Over 3200 individual parts for impeccable craftsmanship, ensuring every detail, from campervan interior to exterior, is meticulously designed.The degree of mastery is comparable to vw campervan interior.
    • Striking wide wheel arches, inspired by hot wheels, for a unique and distinctive ambiance.
    • Functional opening doors for enhanced interactivity.
    • Accessible rear hood revealing an exquisitely detailed engine compartment.
    • Functional steering wheel for a realistic control experience.
    • Rear spoiler, front splitter, and front lip for enhanced aerodynamics.
    • Roof luggage rack with a hot wheels Volkswagen T2 Pickup for added storage.
    • Openable and removable luggage compartment for convenience.
    • Fully operational transmission system for added dynamism.
    • Intricately detailed transmission system with rear diffuser for realism.
    • Remote-controlled drive for easy maneuvering, powered by purpose-driven motors.
    • Remote-controlled steering for added amusement.
    • 2 large heavy-duty driven motors for powerful performance.
    • 1 servo motor for precise steering control.
    • High-capacity rechargeable battery pack for extended use.
    • Includes one remote controller for effortless management.

    This mini building block sets model car draws inspiration from the VW T2 Bus and Volkswagen T2 Pickup hot wheels, but it is not an exact replica. The VW Bus T2 , produced by Volkswagen from 1967 to 1979, was a legendary microbus or van that became a cultural icon.

    Key Characteristics of the VW T2 Bus:

    • Diverse range of models to suit various purposes, including Volkswagen T2 Pickup.
    • Various engine options for different performance and fuel economy.
    • Distinctive design with a round and adorable look, featuring iconic VW characteristics and car wide body kits.
    • Versatile for passenger and cargo transportation with different seating layouts, reminiscent of campervan seats.
    • Offers a relaxed driving experience, easy maintenance, and reliability.
    • Cultural symbol, beloved by hippie and camping enthusiasts, such as Bluey campervan.

    Despite the discontinuation of the T2 Bus, it remains cherished by collectors and car enthusiasts for representing a specific era of automotive design and lifestyle, solidifying its status as a classic in automotive history and wide body cars.

  • WIDEBODY JAPANESE KEI TRUCK Family Building Blocks Car Toys 2492PCS,6+

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    Our Famous RC Vehicles


    In Unicarss car toy series, the blue truck has a large drive motor and a unique power system, which makes it a k truck toy that cannot be ignored!

    1.The appearance of our toy cars

    Unicarss Blue Truck toy is a building blocks toys designed based on the truck. It uses blue as the main color, the overall appearance of realistic shape, in the design, unlike other off brand legos, Unicarss Blue Truck block toys strive to restore the classic appearance of the Truck, including the front end, the body, the rear end of the car and other parts of the car are finely engraved. Showcasing the magnanimity of the truck. It is a very good gift idea.

    1. Features of the toy car

    Electric toy car strong power system

    Unicarss Blue Truck is a model with a simulated engine, which is characterized by the side doors can be installed with power packs, the doors on both sides can be opened, and can be linked with the steering wheel. This truck model has a high degree of simulation and can provide players with a more realistic driving experience. In addition, Unicarss blue truck model is also equipped with a power pack, which can be linked with the simulated engine through the car remote control to provide more rich gameplay. Players can improve the performance of the model by installing the power pack.

    High simulation of car toys

    Unicarss Blue Truck is a high simulation model, which not only has the function of side door can be opened, but also can realize simulation steering.Unicarss Blue Truck also supports adding dynamic upgrade package, which can simulate the truck loaded with goods. It is paired with a toy car race track to enhance the fun and challenge of the toy car. This high level of simulation also makes the model a great choice for birthday gifts and family building blocks, both for truck fans and modeling enthusiasts.

    The rich playability of building blocks toys

    Unicarss Blue Truck large building blocks Toy is made of high-quality plastic, which is tightly spliced and not easy to fall apart. Children can follow the steps in the instructions to put together the blocks.Unicarss Blue Truck building blocks set is designed to realistically reproduce the appearance and structure of the truck, allowing children to learn about the structure of the car and the layout of the cab in the process of playing. Kids can imagine themselves as the driver and drive this truck to carry out various tasks, such as delivering goods, carrying and so on. During the role-playing process, kids can practice their communication skills and teamwork. It is a great kids building toys


  • WIDEBODY SATIN BLUE CAMPERVAN Brick Builder Cars Model Cars To Build 3298PCS 1:8

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    Our well-known control remote car

    Unicarss brand has designed a number of outstanding building block toys, among which the Dakar Trophy Truck is a very outstanding work in the kei trucks series. This product greatly embodies the attributes of endurance and adventure, and is a fine remote control toy car that assists every motorcycle enthusiast to fulfill their dreams.

    1. Appearance of car toy

    Unicarss Dakar Trophy Truck 1340PCS (36.8cm x 16cm x 16.7cm) consists of over 1300 pieces in total, equipped with RC driver and RC steering, with a removable shell design that allows the user to change the car according to their needs. The remodeled tires and spare tire better complete the design of the toy car, with 1:12 scale real restoration of the stance a car.

    2.Extraordinary Block adult rc cars Features

    Long-travel car frames ensures stable driving ability

    The Unicarss Dakar Trophy Truck not only maximizes the rugged characteristics of the original, but is also equipped with long-travel car frames that ensures the smooth operation of the body even when driving in the harshest conditions. This design gives it the driving ability of a professional off road buggy.

    Comparable to the race car configuration

    The product uses high quality materials, has the advantages of stable assembly, high hardness and high toughness, 1:14 simulation engine with steering wheel linkage design, and then contains front and rear shock absorbers and can be added to the motor. As a electric toy car can still simulate the operation experience close to the race car.

    Restore the dominant shape of the car toys

    The body of the car is decorated with complete graffiti and decals to create a hardcore off-road car style with build blocks. Details and features are uniformly and carefully carved to maximize the user’s adrenaline rush. It is not a bad choice of car toys.

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