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  • 1/12 scale truck model cars, 3323PCS, armored truck toy, Building Toys & Blocks, wasteland-themed classic car models.

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    Product Description:

    Our model references the Actium War Rig model truck, you will discover exquisite engineering and unparalleled attention to detail, inspired by the iconic vehicle from the movie “Mad Max: Fury Road,” the WAR RIG. This model provides a fantastic modeling experience, including over 3,300 parts, accurately recreated at a 1:12 scale, with dimensions of 72 cm x 18 cm x 21 cm (28.3 inches x 7.1 inches x 8.3 inches), allowing you to immerse yourself in the spectacular world of the wastelands.

    Key Features:

    • 1/12 scale truck: Our trucks are modeled in 1:12 scale, referencing WAR RIG to ensure that every detail matches the real thing, so you can have a precise miniaturized version at home.
    • Over 3,300 Parts: This 1/12 scale model cars includes over 3,300 parts, each meticulously designed and manufactured to ensure the highest assembly quality and the most authentic appearance.
    • Gigantic Detailed Engine: The 1/12 scale military vehicle engine, partially referencing the intricate details of the Actium War Rig engine, including complex pipes and components, presenting an impressive mechanical aesthetic.
    • Functioning Steering System: The model truck comes with an operational steering system, allowing you to control the front wheels’ direction freely, enhancing interactivity and realism.
    • Rear with racing flags: The model’s rear is adorned with racing flags, Designed a unique logo similar to the mad max the war rig, making it even more lifelike.
    • Double Rear Wheels: Just like the real car, our model truck, equipped with truck armor, features double stacker rear wheels, showcasing a unique design feature.
    • Rear Suspension System: The rear suspension system, which you can find in our armored truck toy, is meticulously designed to ensure the model’s stability and balance.
    • Rear-Operated Steering System: The toy model trucks’s maneuverability is enhanced with a rear-operated steering system, increasing the model’s playability.

    Please note that we provide the parts kit, and assembly instructions must be purchased separately to ensure you can complete the assembly of our truck model kit according to the designer’s precise specifications. Additionally, stickers are not included, but any parts requiring custom printing will be provided with plain replacement parts to maintain the model’s integrity.

    The WAR RIG is a star in the movie “Mad Max: Fury Road,” serving not only as a colossal armored truck but also as a key driver of the film’s plot. Ruled by the antagonist character Immortan Joe in the movie, this massive machine, along with the ingenious creations of Chumbucket Mad Max, is designed to transport scarce water resources and slaves while symbolizing his power and rule. The Actium War Rig boasts formidable armor in the film, virtually impervious, and is equipped with various weapon systems like Gatling guns and rocket launchers, providing it with strong defensive and offensive capabilities. The vehicle’s design is rich with elements from the wasteland culture, including skull motifs, knives, and shark fins, making it look unique and terrifying.

    In the movie, the WAR RIG is not just a vehicle; it’s a symbol of Immortan Joe’s power and serves as the backdrop for intense chases and conflicts among the main characters. The vehicle’s action sequences, combined with the allure of Mad Max car models and Mad Max toys, leave a lasting impression, becoming a vital part of the film’s tension and drama.

    This model truck pays tribute to the Actium War Rig, allowing you to experience thrilling scenes similar to the movie and appreciate its awe-inspiring presence. Whether you’re a passionate fan of the WAR RIG, Mad Max car models, or Mad Max toys, or a model maker seeking a challenge and creativity, this model will be an irresistible choice for you.

    Like the WAR RIG, this model truck will take you on an adventurous and creative modeling journey, allowing you to enjoy the unparalleled details and magnificent appearance of this iconic vehicle from the classic movie in the comfort of your home. Whether you’re a model-making enthusiast or a movie buff, this model will be your excellent choice.

  • 3D Metal Puzzle Jigsaw 3D Puzzles – Mogul Locomotive -Metal Model Kit Building Blocks Toy For Teens and Adults

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    Release the your working pressure ,enjoy hours of fun with you family and friends from the building process of 3D metal puzzle, also would encourages your hands-on ability and logical thinking.

  • 3D Metal Puzzle Jigsaw for Adults Pirate Ship DIY 3D Metal Model Kits Christmas Birthday Gifts For Teens Building Blocks Toy

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    Release the your working pressure ,enjoy hours of fun with you family and friends from the building process of 3D metal puzzle, also would encourages your hands-on ability and logical thinking.

  • 3D Metal Puzzles Rhinoceros Beetle Plastic Model Engine Kits for Adults Premium Version Building Blocks Toy

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    The main body of the product is composed of a beetle and an industrial-style base. The antennae and mechanical forelimbs on the Beetle’s head are very realistic.

  • Race Track Map MINI Building Blocks, 352PCS, race track map, Premium Collection for Racing Model Enthusiasts

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    Product Description:

    We are proud to introduce a brand-new concept in map modeling, inspired by a simple yet captivating question: if you can create race cars, can you also create race tracks? The answer is evidently yes, and now, we present to you this unique sculpture that references every twist and turn of the spa francorchamps track map in Belgium, including the often chaotic La Source and the iconic eau rouge f1. This is the ultimate tribute to one of the most iconic tracks on the calendar.

    F1 track maps have evolved, and this map model is a fresh concept design, a reference to the Spa-Francorchamps circuit, carefully molded into a work of art, showcasing all of its challenging and glorious history.


    • Length 27 cm x Width 27 cm x Thickness 2 cm
    • Length 10.6 inches x Width 10.6 inches x Thickness 0.8 inches

    Product Features:

    • Unique Design: This race track map is carefully reference to match the layout and features of the Spa-Francorchamps track, ensuring a high level of accuracy. It reference to every corner, including the iconic Raidillon corner, and it’s a true collector’s item for fans of F1 circuit maps.
    • Complete Parts Kit: We provide a complete parts kit, allowing you to assemble this exquisite racing track drawing yourself. As you build this model, you’ll appreciate the artistry of the racing track layout.
    • Digital Manual: While the digital manual is not included in the parts kit, you can purchase it from the designer for detailed assembly instructions and background information. It’s an invaluable resource for anyone creating race track maps.
    • Custom Decals: To make the model even more realistic, we provide sticker decals that you can print and apply to the map model, adding the finishing touches to your race track pictures.

    About Spa-Francorchamps Track:

    The Spa-Francorchamps track is situated in the Ardennes region between Stavelot, Malmedy, and Spa in the Belgian province of Liège. It was built in 1921 and is one of the oldest and most renowned tracks in the world, making it a staple on F1 track map.

    This track hosts Formula One Grand Prix races, the World Endurance Championship, the 24 Hours of Spa endurance race, and other significant events. Its notable features include long straights, exciting corners, and significant elevation changes, with iconic bends like Eau Rouge and Raidillon corner.

    The track has a length of approximately 7.004 kilometers and features 20 corners, offering both challenges and opportunities for drivers. Each year, the Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps attracts racing enthusiasts and teams, establishing itself as one of the world’s most outstanding tracks, further enhanced by its spectacular natural scenery. This map model is the ultimate tribute, perfectly reference to the essence of this race track map.

    This model is not a simple racing track clipart, it is a collection of collector’s items and even a decorative item by referring to many kinds of racing track pictures and designing a three-dimensional map model through the way of assembling blocks!

  • Wrangler Off-Road Vehicle Building Block Model Car Difficult And Huge Assembly Toy Boy Series

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    Wrangler Off-Road Vehicle Building Block Model Car Difficult And Huge Assembly Toy Boy Series

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