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  • 1:8 scale model cars, 2405PCS&1758 Pieces, car bricks, Loved by Boys and Girls as an Educational mini building blocks Toy

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    Blue race car – 1758 Pieces


    We bring to you a unique model car – a single-seater racing car model inspired by the style of the 1960s, with design cues drawn from the iconic 1967 single-seater racing car, the Eagle-Westlake V12 (eagle mk1) driven by Dan Gurney. This model car not only exhibits exquisite attention to detail but also boasts a range of captivating features, allowing you to experience the allure of this legendary racing car. Whether you’re a collector of F1 model cars, an enthusiast of 1/8 scale model cars, or simply passionate about model race cars, our offering is sure to impress.

    Key Features:

    1. 1:8 Scale model cars: This model is designed to a 1:8 scale, meticulously capturing the essence of the original vehicle. It enables you to appreciate every intricate detail of the racing car.
    2. Over 1700 Parts: This model includes a staggering 1758 components, including meticulously designed and manufactured model car parts, all aimed at ensuring the highest level of realism. These parts encompass the engine, gearbox, exhaust pipes, steering mechanism, and more.
    3. Realistic Dimensions: The model measures 55 cm x 8 cm x 25 cm, or equivalently, 21.6 inches x 3.1 inches x 9.8 inches, making it truly eye-catching in terms of size.
    4. Rotating Piston Engine: The model race carsis equipped with a precisely replicated rotating piston engine, The design drew inspiration from the mini V12 engine, adding a level of authenticity when simulating the internal combustion engine operation.
    5. Detailed Gearbox: The gearbox details in the model are extensive, faithfully reproducing the operational principles of the original vehicle, enhancing the model’s intricacy.
    6. Custom Exhaust Pipes: The model’s exhaust pipes have been meticulously crafted to mimic the appearance and functionality of the real car, contributing to outstanding realism.
    7. Functional Steering: Imagine being able to manipulate the model car’s steering mechanism, just like a real racing driver. This feature brings you closer to the nuances of the model.
    8. Includes Assembly Manual: We understand that assembling a model can be challenging. Therefore, we provide a comprehensive assembly manual to guide you through this intricate project.

    Eagle-Westlake V12 – The Legend of Formula One:

    The Eagle-Westlake V12, commonly known as the eagle mk1 or Eagle T1G, is an unforgettable Formula One racing car designed and manufactured by Len Terry for Dan Gurney’s Anglo American Racers team. This car made its mark in the 1960s Formula One racing scene and is hailed as one of the most beautiful Grand Prix cars ever to grace the tracks. It’s the epitome of a single-seat racing car that collectors of F1 model cars dream about.

    Originally powered by a 2.7-liter Coventry Climax inline-four engine, it later received a 3.0-liter Gurney-Weslake V12 engine, elevating its performance to levels that F1 car model enthusiasts can appreciate.

    In summary, this model car is a beautifully detailed tribute to the eagle mk1, an iconic Formula One legend and an outstanding single-seater racing car. Its exquisite craftsmanship and remarkable attention to detail will provide you with an immersive model-building experience, whether you’re building a 1/8 scale model car or any other formula 1 model cars. Remember, this model is exclusively available at Block Zone and cannot be found anywhere else. Don’t miss this opportunity to bring home this classic Formula One racing car and showcase it in your collection, among your other model race cars.


    Rad race car – 2405PCS

    Introducing a truly remarkable piece of craftsmanship in the world of 1:8 scale model cars, The design draws inspiration from the Ferrari 312T, the iconic F1 1975 race car. The level of intricacy in this 1/8 scale RC model surpasses anything we’ve seen before. A single glance at the brake cooling system and the custom engine bay, and you’ll understand why this is one of our must-have 1/8 scale model cars.

    This model boasts the following key features, perfect for enthusiasts of both mini building blocks and model car building:


    • It measures 60 centimeters (23.6 inches) in length, 16 centimeters (6.2 inches) in width, and 25.5 centimeters (10 inches) in height, all in a 1:8 scale, faithfully recreating the impressive size of the original car.

    Key Features:

    • Number of Parts: Comprising over 2400 individual components, this model reflects the meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail invested in its construction, making it a true masterpiece of model car parts.
    • Functioning Steering: The 1/8 scale RC model car is equipped with a fully functional steering system, enhancing its realism and playability, just like an F1 RC car.
    • Engine Compartment Detail: The model’s engine compartment is incredibly detailed, rivaling that of the actual car and It’s similar to the 1975 Ferrari 312T.
    • Brake Cooling Vents: The reproduction of this detail adds to the overall realism, highlighting the high-performance braking system of the race car.

    This 1/8 scale model car is inspired by the 1975 Ferrari 312T, a Formula 1 race car that achieved significant success in its time, securing both team and driver championships and becoming an iconic vehicle in the history of motorsport. This 1/8 scale model cars is a tribute to the history of racing and a masterpiece of impeccable craftsmanship, perfect for collectors and fans of F1 model cars.

  • 1:8 scale model cars, 3581PCS, Adult sports car building block toys with full interiors, Tailored to Enthusiasts

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    Product Description:

    Welcome to our JDM Superstar Revival Model Car World, an astonishing 1:8 scale model inspired by the beloved Mazda RX-7 FD. This model is a true masterpiece, offering automotive enthusiasts and model collectors a unique opportunity to bring the essence of this classic sports car into your collection.

    Key Features:

    • 1:8 Scale: Our 1:8 scale model cars is meticulously crafted to a 1:8 scale, references the FD RX-7 in both exterior and interior.
    • Over 3500 Parts: This is not just a model car; it’s an engineering marvel consisting of over 3500 carefully selected parts in terms of material and construction, ensuring the model’s quality and authenticity.
    • Four-Wheel Independent Suspension: Just like the Mazda RX-7 FD, our custom JDM cars model comes equipped with a four-wheel independent suspension system, ensuring outstanding suspension performance and stability, providing a lifelike driving experience.
    • Exquisite Interior: The interior of this model is stunningly detailed, from the seats to the dashboard, every detail is meticulously crafted to have a sense of refinement similar to that of the RX-7 FD interior, making you feel as if you were in a real RX-7 FD vehicle.
    • Cars With Pop-up Headlights: The model features iconic pop-up headlights that open just like the real vehicle, Reference to mazda pop up headlights, adding to the model’s highlights and authenticity.
    • Rotary Engine: We took a page from the RX-7 FD’s iconic twin-turbocharged rotary engine and equipped this model car with a 13B-REW powerplant, adding high performance and uniqueness to the model.
    • 5+R Manual Transmission with Gear Lever: To enhance the driving experience and engagement, the model is equipped with a 5+R manual transmission, faithfully reproducing the iconic gear lever.
    • Cars with pop-up headlights have a unique charm, and the RX7 pop-up headlights are no exception. The model captures this distinctive feature flawlessly.
    • Opening Doors and Hood: Both the model’s doors and hood can be opened, allowing you to easily admire the interior details and engine replication.

    Please note that we only provide the parts kit, and the manual must be purchased separately from the designer. Unless otherwise specified, decals are not included, and any custom-printed parts will be substituted with standard alternatives, allowing you to decorate the model according to your personal preferences.

    The Mazda RX-7 FD is an iconic JDM sports car, cherished for its distinctive design, high-performance rotary engine, and exceptional suspension capabilities. Its classic status is not only rooted in its past glory but also in its legendary status today, making it a precious treasure for collectors and enthusiasts.

    This model car is the ultimate tribute to the RX-7 FD. Whether you are a model collector or a passionate fan of the RX-7 FD, this model is the ideal choice to showcase your love for automotive craftsmanship and classic beauty. For more information about this model, including additional photos and detailed specifications, please visit the designer’s page. Let the timeless beauty of this model car forever reside in your collection.

    In the world of JDM structures, this mini sports car stands out as a remarkable creation. Its JDM model cars are designed with a keen eye for detail, making them a must-have for collectors.

    JDM RC car enthusiasts will appreciate the careful design of this similar to the Mazda JDM masterpiece. It references the look of the WHITE FD RX-7 model, which is very striking, and the wheels have the same appeal as the FD RX-7 wheels.

    For those who appreciate the nostalgia of cars with pop-up headlights, this model offers a faithful recreation of the pop-up headlights car style. The pop-up and down headlights function adds to the model’s charm.

    This 1:8 scale model car brings the spirit of the most popular sports cars right to your collection. So, whether you’re into Lego JDM cars or simply adore JDM structures, this model is a must-have addition to your cherished inventory.

  • 1:8 scale model cars,3858PCS,BLUE SUPERCAR,Building block mechanical sets, educational assembly toys, toys loved by both boys and girls.

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    The design of this 1:8 scale model cars is inspired by the Bugatti Divo, meticulously researched to capture the car’s unique exterior and design, striving to replicate the technical and mechanical achievements of the real vehicle. Every detail of the model is carefully crafted, showcasing outstanding craftsmanship and exquisite design. Here are the key features of this model:

    • Over 3800 parts: This model comprises more than 3800 parts, with each component meticulously crafted to match the level of detail found in the Bugatti Divo’s exterior and interior.
    • 1/8 scale model cars: The model is built to a 1:8 scale, providing an impressively realistic size for enthusiasts and delivering an immersive visual experience.
    • Precise dimensions: The model’s dimensions are 57 cm (length) x 15 cm (width) x 26 cm (height), or, in inches, 22.4 inches x 5.9 inches x 10.2 inches.
    • Functional steering: The model features a functional steering system, allowing the wheels to turn and enhancing its interactivity.
    • Detailed engine bay: The model’s engine bay is exquisitely designed, drawing inspiration from Bugatti Divo’s W16 engine and other crucial details, creating an incredibly appearance.
    • Independent front and rear suspension systems: Just like the original vehicle, the model boasts fully independent front suspension and independent rear suspension systems, delivering exceptional suspension performance.
    • Opening components: The model includes functional doors, engine hood, and trunk that can be opened, allowing you to explore the interior details and the engine.
    • Brake cooling vents: The model also incorporates chrome exhaust pipes and a chrome exhaust pipe, adding to the authenticity of its appearance.
    • Aero pack: Similar to the original, the model features an aero pack, including front splitters and rear spoilers, for improved downforce and stability.

    All of these features combine to create a truly remarkable and authentic representation of the model car, making it a must-have for collectors and enthusiasts alike. This 1:8 scale model brings the essence of the blue supercar to your collection, featuring meticulous craftsmanship and a keen attention to detail that extends to the custom engine bay, tail lights, and beyond.

    This 1/8 scale model car kit allows you to appreciate the intricate details of the W16 engine, the aero pack including the front splitter and rear spoiler, and even the chrome exhaust pipe. Whether displayed on your shelf or enjoyed as an RC car, This model perfectly encapsulates the spirit of the real car in stunning 1:8 scale.

    While discussing this 1:8 scale model, we cannot help but be reminded of the exceptional aesthetics and performance of the Bugatti Divo for sale. The Bugatti Divo is an eye-catching supercar produced by the French automaker Bugatti, making its debut in 2018. The design of this supercar draws inspiration from the Bugatti Chiron but incorporates significant enhancements in performance and suspension tuning to meet the demands of discerning drivers.

    The Divo is powered by a formidable 8.0-liter W16 engine equipped with four turbochargers, delivering an astonishing 1,479 horsepower and 1,600 Newton-meters of torque. This immense powertrain accelerates the vehicle from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour (approximately 62 miles per hour) in just 2.5 seconds. Although its top speed is relatively lower at 380 kilometers per hour (236 miles per hour), the interior Bugatti Divo’s design focuses on providing exceptional suspension and handling performance, ensuring impressive cornering capabilities.

    The exterior design of the Divo exudes power and elegance, featuring incredible aerodynamic elements such as front splitters, rear spoilers, and a massive rear diffuser, providing the vehicle with substantial downforce for stability at high speeds. The Bugatti Divo tail lights add to its striking appearance.

    Production of the Bugatti Divo is extremely limited, with only around 40 units being manufactured, making it a highly coveted collector’s item. Its high price and exceptional performance establish it as a gem in the world of supercars, leaving enthusiasts in awe.

    In summary, the Bugatti Divo is a masterpiece that seamlessly combines luxury, performance, and design, representing the pinnacle of automotive engineering and craftsmanship. Whether on the racetrack or the open road, it showcases Bugatti’s exquisite craftsmanship and outstanding performance, leaving an indelible mark in the automotive world. Enthusiasts and collectors alike can appreciate its essence through a meticulous Bugatti Divo RC car, and for those who seek to replicate its grandeur, there are options like 1/8 scale model car kits available to bring this iconic supercar to your collection.

  • 1/10 scale model race cars, 2270PCS, MOC Super Car Building Toys, Toy Car Gifts for Boys, Teens, Adults and Vehicles Ages 14+

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    This model car represents a commitment to excellence in engineering and a passion for automobiles. We strive for meticulous details, precise proportions, and a perfect simulation of real-world performance to provide you with a driving experience closely resembling the actual racetrack. This model car pays tribute to the 2014 AMG C63 DTM, capturing the allure of touring car racing and the artistry of engineering technology.


    • Length: 48.8 cm (19.2 inches)
    • Width: 12.5 cm (4.9 inches)
    • Height: 20 cm (7.9 inches)

    Key Features:

    • 1/10 scale: This model car is designed at a 1/10 scale, referenced the dimensions of the 2014 mercedes benz c63 amg DTM race cars, to provide a lifelike driving experience.
    • Opening Doors: The model car features doors that can be opened, enhancing interactivity and allowing you to explore the interior up close.
    • Removable Hood and Rear Spoiler: The model’s engine hood, along with the universal rear spoiler, are easily removable, revealing internal details for a deeper understanding of the vehicle’s structure.
    • Roll Cage: The model car, equipped with one of our top-quality roll cage kits, includes an integrated roll cages for added safety and stability during high-speed driving.
    • Fully Functional Transmission and Drive System: It boasts one of the most complex transmission systems in model cars, allowing you to simulate a true driving experience.
    • Independent Front and Rear Suspension Systems: The model car comes with advanced front and rear suspension systems, ensuring stable performance on a simulated racetrack.
    • Fully Functional Gearbox: The model car’s gearbox replicates all the functions of a real race car, adding more challenge and fun to the simulation.
    • Engine with Rotating Pistons: The model car’s engine features rotating pistons, enhancing detail and bringing it closer to a real race car.
    • Assembly Instructions Included in the Package: The model car comes with detailed assembly instructions to help you easily put it together and start your simulation experience.

    This model car references the 2014 AMG C63 DTM, which is a high-performance race car that achieved significant success in touring car events. It is powered by a tuned V8 engine that delivers exceptional power and torque. Specially designed suspension systems, aerodynamic kits, and brake systems ensure outstanding performance and stability on high-speed racetracks.

    In terms of appearance, it features a striking racing style, including specific paint schemes and iconic AMG design elements. The interior design prioritizes the driver’s needs, often featuring racing seats, a minimalist dashboard, and digital instrumentation for the ultimate driving experience. This car has had great success in German touring car events, representing Mercedes-Benz’s prowess in touring car competition.

    In summary, this model car is a masterpiece that pays homage to the 2014 Mercedes-Benz c63 amg DTM, taking racing enthusiasts and autonation mercedes benz fans into the world of real racetracks, blending engines, racing technology, and exquisite aesthetics to provide an unforgettable experience for model car enthusiasts. Whether you’re a fan of DTM racing cars, a collector of Mercedes-Benz models, or just appreciate the beauty of a white Mercedes-Benz, You can choose this model car that will capture your imagination just like the Autonation Mercedes-Benz 2014 AMG C63.

    This model car pays homage to the mercedes benz car, even the interior part of the car also refer to the c63 amg interior, if you are a model car enthusiast, in addition to mercedes benz toy car, this model is also a good choice.

  • 1/12 scale truck model cars, 3323PCS, armored truck toy, Building Toys & Blocks, wasteland-themed classic car models.

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    Product Description:

    Our model references the Actium War Rig model truck, you will discover exquisite engineering and unparalleled attention to detail, inspired by the iconic vehicle from the movie “Mad Max: Fury Road,” the WAR RIG. This model provides a fantastic modeling experience, including over 3,300 parts, accurately recreated at a 1:12 scale, with dimensions of 72 cm x 18 cm x 21 cm (28.3 inches x 7.1 inches x 8.3 inches), allowing you to immerse yourself in the spectacular world of the wastelands.

    Key Features:

    • 1/12 scale truck: Our trucks are modeled in 1:12 scale, referencing WAR RIG to ensure that every detail matches the real thing, so you can have a precise miniaturized version at home.
    • Over 3,300 Parts: This 1/12 scale model cars includes over 3,300 parts, each meticulously designed and manufactured to ensure the highest assembly quality and the most authentic appearance.
    • Gigantic Detailed Engine: The 1/12 scale military vehicle engine, partially referencing the intricate details of the Actium War Rig engine, including complex pipes and components, presenting an impressive mechanical aesthetic.
    • Functioning Steering System: The model truck comes with an operational steering system, allowing you to control the front wheels’ direction freely, enhancing interactivity and realism.
    • Rear with racing flags: The model’s rear is adorned with racing flags, Designed a unique logo similar to the mad max the war rig, making it even more lifelike.
    • Double Rear Wheels: Just like the real car, our model truck, equipped with truck armor, features double stacker rear wheels, showcasing a unique design feature.
    • Rear Suspension System: The rear suspension system, which you can find in our armored truck toy, is meticulously designed to ensure the model’s stability and balance.
    • Rear-Operated Steering System: The toy model trucks’s maneuverability is enhanced with a rear-operated steering system, increasing the model’s playability.

    Please note that we provide the parts kit, and assembly instructions must be purchased separately to ensure you can complete the assembly of our truck model kit according to the designer’s precise specifications. Additionally, stickers are not included, but any parts requiring custom printing will be provided with plain replacement parts to maintain the model’s integrity.

    The WAR RIG is a star in the movie “Mad Max: Fury Road,” serving not only as a colossal armored truck but also as a key driver of the film’s plot. Ruled by the antagonist character Immortan Joe in the movie, this massive machine, along with the ingenious creations of Chumbucket Mad Max, is designed to transport scarce water resources and slaves while symbolizing his power and rule. The Actium War Rig boasts formidable armor in the film, virtually impervious, and is equipped with various weapon systems like Gatling guns and rocket launchers, providing it with strong defensive and offensive capabilities. The vehicle’s design is rich with elements from the wasteland culture, including skull motifs, knives, and shark fins, making it look unique and terrifying.

    In the movie, the WAR RIG is not just a vehicle; it’s a symbol of Immortan Joe’s power and serves as the backdrop for intense chases and conflicts among the main characters. The vehicle’s action sequences, combined with the allure of Mad Max car models and Mad Max toys, leave a lasting impression, becoming a vital part of the film’s tension and drama.

    This model truck pays tribute to the Actium War Rig, allowing you to experience thrilling scenes similar to the movie and appreciate its awe-inspiring presence. Whether you’re a passionate fan of the WAR RIG, Mad Max car models, or Mad Max toys, or a model maker seeking a challenge and creativity, this model will be an irresistible choice for you.

    Like the WAR RIG, this model truck will take you on an adventurous and creative modeling journey, allowing you to enjoy the unparalleled details and magnificent appearance of this iconic vehicle from the classic movie in the comfort of your home. Whether you’re a model-making enthusiast or a movie buff, this model will be your excellent choice.

  • 1/14 scale model car bricks, 714PCS, building blocks car, Car Building Blocks Loved by Both Adults and Kids

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    Welcome to the fascinating world of model car bricks crafting. We proudly present to you a unique 1:14 scale model car parts kit. This model brick car takes its design inspiration from the renowned black gtr r34, making it a must-have for automotive enthusiasts, model makers, and those seeking a rewarding and challenging experience.


    • Length: 30 centimeters
    • Width: 9 centimeters
    • Height: 12 centimeters

    Or, in inches:

    • Length: 11.8 inches
    • Width: 3.5 inches
    • Height: 4.7 inches

    These dimensions make this 1/14 scale model car just right—large enough to showcase intricate details while remaining manageable for display and operation.

    Key Features:

    • 1:14 Scale: Our model car is designed to a 1:14 scale, closely resembling the appearance of the Nissan Skyline GTR R34 for an authentic look. Even the interior is styled similarly to the r34 gtr interior.
    • Over 700 Parts: This kit contains over 700 meticulously crafted model car parts, each designed with precision to ensure the highest quality and realism.
    • 1 Kilogram After Assembly: Once assembled, this model car will have a lifelike weight of approximately 1 kilogram, allowing you to experience the solid construction of a real car.
    • Detailed Engine Compartment: We’ve provided a finely crafted engine compartment for the model car, showcasing engine details and engineering aesthetics.
    • Spring-Operated Opening Doors: The model bricks car’s doors can actually open, supported by a spring system, providing more interactivity and visual appeal.
    • Opening Hood and Trunk: Not only can the doors open, but the building blocks car’s hood and trunk can also open, revealing surprises hidden inside.
    • Remote Control Steering Wheel: The model car comes equipped with a remote control steering wheel, allowing you to simulate the driving experience and control the vehicle’s direction.
    • Rear-Wheel Drive: This model car features a rear-wheel drive system, offering a more realistic driving sensation for a lifelike experience.

    Please note that we provide the parts kit only, and stickers are not included unless otherwise specified. Any custom jdm cars parts will be replaced with standard spare parts to ensure proper assembly and optimal results. For the correct assembly and best results, we recommend purchasing the guidebook provided by the original designer.

    The design of this model car is inspired by the iconic Nissan Skyline GTR R34, an automotive legend known for the following characteristics:

    • Production Period: The Nissan Skyline GTR R34 was produced from 1998 to 2002, representing the sixth generation of the Skyline series. Its interior featured high-quality materials and advanced technology.
    • Exterior: The R34 boasts a stylish exterior design with a streamlined body and distinctive front-end design, combining sportiness and elegance. The R34 GTR wheels enhance its overall appearance.
    • Engine: The R34 offered various engine variants, including turbocharged engines, providing exceptional performance and power. It’s one of the most popular sports cars of its time.
    • Driving Performance: Renowned for its exceptional driving performance, it featured a four-wheel-drive system and outstanding suspension and handling. It’s a prime example of rear-wheel-drive sedans.
    • Technology and Performance: The R34 introduced advanced technologies such as the intelligent four-wheel-drive system (ATTESA E-TS), enhancing traction and control, alongside excellent braking and suspension tuning.
    • KPGC10 GTR: The GT-R version of the R34 featured higher performance and a racing pedigree, becoming a legend in its own right. Custom JDM cars often draw inspiration from its legacy.

    In summary, this model car parts kit will immerse you in the world of automotive craftsmanship while paying homage to the brilliance of the Nissan Skyline GTR R34. Whether you’re an automotive enthusiast or a model maker, you’ll find satisfaction in this exquisitely designed model car. Purchase our parts kit, embark on your model car building journey, and experience the charm of automotive culture and the joy of exquisite craftsmanship using building blocks.

  • 1/8 scale model cars, 1321PCS, Race Car Building Kit, Racing Car Model for Men Teens

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    New for 2022: Stylish Design, Outstanding Performance, build a race car kit

    A brand new era is approaching, and we are delighted to introduce the all-new Formula 1 RC car to you. This is a model that combines stylish body design and the latest power unit, setting it ahead of the competition and taking you on an exhilarating journey on the racetrack. Whether you’re into Formula 1 model cars, race car model kits, or building your own remote control car kit, this Formula 1 toy car is sure to captivate your interest.


    • 54 cm x 11 cm x 22 cm, making it a 1/8 scale model car.
    • 21.3 inches x 4.3 inches x 8.7 inches

    Key Features:

    • 1/8 scale model cars: This Formula 1 model car perfectly replicates the scale of real race cars, providing an eye-catching experience that immerses you in the allure of Formula 1 (F1) racing. If you’re a fan of model race cars, you’ll appreciate the attention to detail.
    • Over 1300 Parts: Exquisite craftsmanship and lifelike details make this model race car an excellent choice for collectors and decorators. It’s not just an RC car; it’s a work of art.
    • Over 50 cm in Length: Its size not only makes a statement but also fully showcases the elegant lines of the Formula sports car. The wishbone rear suspension ensures a smooth ride.
    • Independent Front and Rear Suspension: Simulating the independent front suspension and rear suspension system of real race cars, it enhances control, making it a standout among 1/8 scale RC cars and race car models.
    • Operational Steering Wheel: You can effortlessly control this 1/8 scale model car as if you were on a real racetrack, experiencing the thrill of Formula 1.
    • Complete Aerodynamic Kit: Carefully designed aerodynamics provide better high-speed stability, making the model race car stand out, just like a Formula 1 race car with its distinctive rear wing.
    • Adjustable Rear Wing: You can customize the rear wing according to your preferences to optimize the model car’s performance. This model car references the F1 rear wing design, adding a touch of realism.
    • Sophisticated Transmission System: Simulating the transmission system of real F1 race cars ensures efficient power delivery, essential for top-tier Formula 1 RC cars.
    • Engine with Rotating Pistons: This model car pays homage to the engine details of the Ferrari F1 model car and will amaze you as if you can hear the roar of the real engine. Similar to the Ferrari F1 75 model.
    • Driver’s Halo Protection: The cockpit of the driver is filled with details, including a helmet and protection system, adding more realism to the model race car, just like the Formula 1 race cars you admire.
    • Modeling Instructions Included in the Package: No need to worry about assembly; the detailed instructions included will guide you through the assembly of the model car, making it an accessible way to build a race car kit.
    • All pre-orders are prepared and shipped: Simply place your order, and you’ll quickly get this exciting model car, ready to showcase at home or share with friends, whether they’re into Formula 1 or formula sports cars or not.

    In summary, the all-new 2022 race car is an exciting model that combines style, performance, and detail, allowing you to experience the charm of Formula 1 racing at home. This model car will be an excellent choice for racing enthusiasts, model collectors, and anyone who enjoys Formula 1 and 1/8 scale RC cars. Purchase the all-new 2022 race car and bring a racing extravaganza into your life!

  • 1/8 scale rc blue car racing, 1666pcs, car bricks, for 12+ Year Boys.Adult, Racing Car Building Blocks Kit.

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    Product Name: Second Generation Electric Racing Car Model

    Product Description:

    The second generation of electric racing car models, including a streamlined building blocks car body design and a new power unit, is on the horizon, designed to lead the competition. This model promises an exhilarating blue car racing experience as you take your brand-new car to the track, It’s like driving a Formula E car.

    Rough Dimensions:

    • 54cm in length, 11cm in width, and 22cm in height
    • Approximately 21.3 inches long, 4.3 inches wide, and 8.7 inches tall

    Key Features:

    • 1/8 scale model cars: This model car is precisely replicated to a 1/8 scale rc, offering a wide variety of options for your racing car set, providing a lifelike racing experience in terms of appearance and dimensions.
    • Over 1600 Parts: This model comprises over 1600 precision-engineered parts, offering endless assembly and tuning enjoyment, just like building blocks for a car.
    • Over 50 Centimeters Long: The length of the brand-new racing car exceeds 50 centimeters, making it a striking model.
    • Independent Front Suspension: The model utilizes an independent front suspension system to deliver outstanding suspension performance, ensuring the vehicle’s excellent performance on uneven tracks.
    • Controllable Steering System: Equipped with a controllable steering system, allowing you to have precise control over the car’s movements on the track.
    • Full Aerodynamics Kit: The model car features a complete aerodynamics kit, including front wings, rear wings, and diffusers, enhancing stability and handling, just like a super drift car.
    • Detailed Front Wing: The intricately designed front wing not only increases visual appeal but also improves the car’s performance.
    • Sophisticated Transmission System: The model comes equipped with a precisely manufactured transmission system to ensure power transfer efficiency and provide powerful acceleration performance.
    • V6 Engine with Rotating Pistons: The model is powered by a simulated V6 engine, adding to the realism of the racing car, making it the fastest V6 engine model in the market.
    • Driver Halo-Style Protection: The model car replicates the Halo-style protective structure found in real racing cars, enhancing driver safety. It’s the most powerful V6 engine model with extreme RC hobbies.
    • Remote-Controlled Driving and Steering: You can remotely drive the car and control the steering system through a remote controller, enjoying the full thrill of model racing. It’s an excellent set for racing car toys.
    • Includes Assembly Instructions: It comes with detailed assembly instructions, making it easy for you to put together this highly complex model. Building your car with these instructions is like assembling a brick model car.

    This model car draws design inspiration from Formula E cars 2023, which has been at the forefront of electric racing technology. Some of the features of FE include:

    • Electric Power System: real FE racing adopts an electric power system using batteries and electric motors to provide powerful and eco-friendly performance. This reflects the spirit of electric car drag racing.
    • City Tracks: FE races are typically held on city tracks, providing more challenges and excitement to the model racing experience, simulating real urban racing events.
    • Formula One Rules: The car’s rules and regulations are similar to FE, including qualifying races, points systems, and special rules like “attack mode” and battery changes.
    • Teams and Drivers: The design of the car also considers FE’s teams and drivers, delivering an good racing experience. It’s a super Formula racing experience for enthusiasts.

    This second-generation electric racing car model promises to bring you the excitement of real racing while celebrating the future of electric racing technology represented by FE. It’s not just a model; it’s a tribute to the progress in the electric car industry and sustainable urban transportation solutions. Seize the opportunity to drive your model racing car on the track during the electric racing craze!

    Enjoy the thrill of racing with aerodynamics and wishbone rear suspension, and get ready for an extreme RC experience. Whether you’re into racing or simply enjoy assembling brick cars, this model caters to all enthusiasts. Get ready for the future of electric racing with a car that combines power, performance, and precision!

  • 1/8 scale rc Sports Car DIY building Blocks,2527Pcs,APP Remote Control,Future sci-fi sports car model

    Rated 0 out of 5

    This RC car model made of mini building blocks is a well-designed sports car model that references and is compatible with the Lamborghini V12 Vision Gran Turismo super sports car, offering a range of impressive characteristics:



    • Model Design and Reference:Referring to the Lamborghini V12 VGT for inspiration, this model boasts exterior and interior details similar to those of the supercar. It captures the unique wheel design, front and rear styling, and complex interior features comparable to the Lamborghini V12 Vision Gran Turismo interior.
    • Electrically Operated Front and Rear Hoods: Both the front and rear hoods of this model can be electrically opened, enhancing interactivity and detail replication.
    • Simulated Linked Engine and Steering Wheel: The model is equipped with a simulated linked engine and steering wheel, allowing you to experience the dynamic driving effects, akin to a V12 engine diesel.
    • Eco-Friendly ABS Plastic: The building blocks are constructed from eco-friendly ABS plastic, ensuring durability and a smooth surface finish.
    • Ease of Assembly: A paper instruction manual is included, making the assembly process clear and straightforward. The entire assembly takes approximately 20-30 hours, and the parts can be opened gradually, reducing the risk of part loss, ensuring a smooth gear linkage.
    • Ideal for Gifting: This building block product makes an excellent gift, suitable for those who are passionate about supercars, whether they are friends or family members.
    • Ages 8+: The product is designed for players aged 8 and above, catering to a wide range of age groups.


    Product Specifications:

    • Color: Green
    • Material: Eco-friendly ABS plastic
    • Product Dimensions: 55.5 x 24.5 x 12.5 cm
    • Product Weight: 5000 grams
    • Packaging Dimensions: 62 x 13 x 39 cm
    • Packaging Weight: 5300 grams
    • Packaging: Graphic cardboard box


    Package Contents:

    1 set x DIY building blocks

    This remote control car building block product provides a challenging and satisfying assembly experience, allowing you to construct a miniature version of a futuristic supercar with a mini V12 engine. Whether you’re a supercar enthusiast or looking for a fun gift, this product meets your needs and allows you to experience the thrill of model car building with intricate model car parts.

  • 360-degree endless drift German coupe, 2086 pieces, simulating real car drifting, electric remote control dirt bike racing car model, educational building block toy, 1:10 scale, limited edition German coupe.

    Rated 0 out of 5

    Introducing the Limited Edition Widebody German Coupe, a mesmerizing glow-in-the-dark masterpiece with the ability to perform exhilarating 360-degree drifts! Sometimes, it’s not about going for the wild camber; it’s about achieving that sleek widebody look, and that’s precisely what we’ve done. But our innovation doesn’t end there.


    This groundbreaking model, inspired by the iconic 1980 Porsche 911 and 1990 Porsche 911, is the world’s first building block masterpiece capable of performing donuts – yes, you heard it right! The Widebody Coupe can pull off jaw-dropping 360-degree drifts, all thanks to its high-performance motors and slick tires, just like the iconic Porsche 911’s performance on the road.


    Presenting the brand-new Limited Edition Widebody German Coupe, a limited edition version that matches the luxury of Porsche 911 lease options. Finished in a limited edition satin green with glow-in-the-dark decals, it captures the essence of the Porsche 911 interior, combining style and innovation.


    The low suspension and massive wheel arches give this model the cleanest look among all our #stanced creations, reminiscent of the widebody G35 Coupe and widebody Genesis Coupe. Neon green wheels complete the sleek aesthetic, taking design inspiration from F1 rear wing aesthetics.


    Key Features:

    1. Over 2200 building pieces for meticulous assembly, ensuring attention to detail akin to the Porsche 911 interior.
    2. Impressive dimensions: 52cm x 14cm x 24cm (20.5in x 5.5in x 9.4in), matching the dimensions of a remote control dirt bike.
    3. Includes an assembly instruction booklet for easy construction, akin to carros de control remoto.
    4. Realistic features: Doors that open, a hood that lifts, and fully functional steering, much like the controls of remote control dirt bikes.
    5. Eye-catching design with a massive rear wing, a slammed look, and widebody arches that echo the stanced model cars’ style.
    6. A fully functioning transmission and drivetrain for an authentic driving experience, just like the mechanics of remote control dirt bikes.
    7. Unique components: Wide Body Wheel Arches and Custom Wheels, inspired by F1 rear wing aesthetics.
    8. Remote-controlled drive and steering for precise control, just like remote control dirt bikes.
    9. Equipped with 2x Extra Large EXTRA PRO Series Drive Motors and 1x EXTRA PRO Series Servo Motor for Steering, ensuring power and control akin to remote control dirt bikes.
    10. Powered by a high-capacity rechargeable battery pack, delivering endurance similar to remote control dirt bikes.
    11. Includes a remote control for effortless maneuverability, making it easy to control, much like carros de control remoto.

    The Limited Edition Widebody German Coupe delivers an unmatched driving experience by seamlessly combining style, performance, and innovation into one stunning package, making it the cheapest Porsche 911 alternative for car enthusiasts.

    What’s more, this 360-degree unlimited drift car model is fully compatible with the 911 series, including the Porsche 911 Turbo and Porsche 911 Carrera. This product opens up a world of creativity, allowing you to combine the iconic features of the Porsche 911 with the thrill of drift racing, creating the ultimate automotive experience, unlike any other Porsche 911 lease option or the cheapest Porsche 911 on the market.

  • 3D Metal Puzzle Jigsaw 3D Puzzles – Mogul Locomotive -Metal Model Kit Building Blocks Toy For Teens and Adults

    Rated 0 out of 5

    Release the your working pressure ,enjoy hours of fun with you family and friends from the building process of 3D metal puzzle, also would encourages your hands-on ability and logical thinking.

  • 3D Metal Puzzle Jigsaw for Adults Pirate Ship DIY 3D Metal Model Kits Christmas Birthday Gifts For Teens Building Blocks Toy

    Rated 0 out of 5

    Release the your working pressure ,enjoy hours of fun with you family and friends from the building process of 3D metal puzzle, also would encourages your hands-on ability and logical thinking.

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