bmw steering wheel cover: Attention, those in need of a BMW steering wheel cover, come take notes


I.Classic problems aboutbmw steering wheel cover

  1. How do l protect my BMW steering wheel?
  2. Should l put a cover on my steering wheel?

II.Series of products about bmw steering wheel cover

  1. bmw 335i steering wheel cover
  2. bmw 325i steering wheel cover
  3. bmw steering wheel cover m sport

III. What is the trick to getting a steering wheel cover on?

bmw steering wheel cover

I.The classic trio of questions about bmw steering wheel cover

The most effective way to protect your steering wheel is to install a bmw steering wheel cover that fits your BMW model. This prevents hand sweat, sebum and dirt from coming into direct contact with the steering wheel, thus reducing wear and tear and cracking of the leather. Choose a high quality bmw steering wheel cover, preferably leather or synthetic leather, to ensure durability and provide long life. And of course regular cleaning, avoiding sunlight, hand care, regular maintenance, and careful use of chemicals go hand in hand with these measures

A very interesting statement, for the steering wheel on the “cover a cover”, in fact, is to put on the bmw steering wheel cover, in fact, there are many people will send out the question, put on the bmw steering wheel cover is not convenient to grasp the steering wheel? Or feel set on bmw steering wheel cover is very superfluous, in fact, this is very necessary.

In addition to effectively protecting the surface of the steering wheel from daily wear and tear and dirt, bmw steering wheel cover can also increase comfort. It can also add comfort. Some steering wheel covers are made of leather or synthetic leather, which can provide a more comfortable touch and grip, especially during long hours of driving.

bmw steering wheel cover usually has a well-designed look, which can add a personalized style to the interior of the car. And it can be readily installed and removed for easy replacement and cleaning. Most importantly BMW steering wheel covers can help maintain the value of your vehicle, thus keeping the overall beauty and integrity of your BMW vehicle’s interior.

bmw 335i steering wheel cover with OEM leather steering wheel cover is a good replacement for damaged or worn original stock steering wheel. This bmw steering wheel cover enhances the interior and boosts sales by increasing the value of the car for the function of protecting the original new steering wheel.

The bmw 335i steering wheel cover will make your steering wheel thicker and easier to grip. The bmw 335i Steering Wheel Cover is made with premium cowhide or full grain leather suede, this leather steering wheel is non-slip, odorless, easy to clean, soft to the touch, breathable, and resistant to aging. This BMW Steering wheel cover size at 8.8 x 5.2 x 2.3 inches and weighs 9.6 ounces.

In bmw steering wheel cover, the bmw 325i steering wheel cover has a synthetic leather cover, the bmw 325i steering wheel cover is soft, flexible and requires a needle and thread for sewing, the sewing quality is very good, this kit includes 2 spools of sturdy and thick blue polyester thread which is strong enough to allow you to do the sewing, it can be said that the bmw steering wheel cover The best stitching quality in the series exists. The orange plastic pry tool is sturdy and definitely needs this tool for installation. After some adjusting, stretching and stowing, the bmw 325i steering wheel cover fits the steering wheel like a glove. This BMW Steering wheel cover size 10 x 4.4 x 0.6 inches and weighs 6.4 ounces.

The bmw x3 steering wheel cover and the bmw x5 steering wheel cover are designed for the X and M models, featuring a carbon fiber texture and premium leather material with a diameter of 14.9 inches. These bmw steering wheel covers are designed with carbon fiber and leather stitching for a more sporty look and feel, and the carbon fiber exterior shell provides the perfect amount of sun protection for your steering wheel while enhancing its look and quality with carbon fiber accents and leather.

These two bmw steering wheel covers are made of carbon fiber material with super soft-touch synthetic leather and feature an internal non-slip silicone layer that easily attaches to your car’s steering wheel. Fits all cars with a 14.9 inch (38 cm) diameter mid-sized steering wheel. The M Element tri-color bmw steering wheel cover leather element can be secured in the middle of the steering wheel to indicate direction. These two BMW Steering wheel cover size 14.9 x 14.9 x 1.37 inches and weigh 1.5 lbs.

For the steering wheel cover bmw set method, and the general steering wheel set method is not the same, need to take the sewing and other techniques, you can specifically refer to the video of the major bloggers on YouTube to learn in detail, here I give the text of the detailed tutorial, I hope to help you.

1.Prepare the steering wheel cover: make sure the bmw steering wheel coveryou choose fits your BMW make and model. Make sure the size of the cover matches your steering wheel.

2.Clean the steering wheel: Clean the surface of the steering wheel using a mild detergent and a damp cloth to make sure it is clean and dust free. This will help the bmw steering wheel coverfit and stay in place better.

3.Prepare the steering wheel cover: Check the internal structure of the steering wheel cover to make sure it has slots, grooves or cords that fit the vehicle’s steering wheel.

4.Install the steering wheel cover: Slide the bmw steering wheel cover onto the steering wheel starting from the top and sliding downward. Make sure the bmw steering wheel cover gradually covers the entire steering wheel, taping it in place to ensure it fits snugly on the steering wheel surface. Depending on the specific style and design, it may be necessary to fasten the cover with a needle and thread or with a string.

5.Adjust the position of the cover: Make sure the bmw steering wheel cover covers the steering wheel evenly and adjust the position of the cover on the steering wheel as needed. Make sure any special logo or pattern is located in the center of the steering wheel.

6.Check the quality of the installation: After the installation is complete, check to see that the bmw steering wheel coveris secure and has not come loose or moved. Make sure it is not preventing you from operating the steering wheel properly.

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