He is a serious car fan.

The founder was deeply attracted by the roar of the internal combustion engine of luxury cars since he was a child. He has a strong enthusiasm for the precise engine structure of luxury cars and is extremely fascinated by it. He wanted to create his own car world, and wanted to transform those intoxicating engine sounds into real, touchable artworks, so that more people could feel the beauty of the internal combustion engine.


He has invested a lot of time and effort in turning his passion for automotive engines into reality. The company employs a top-notch engineering team, working together to create the most refined and realistic automotive building blocks possible. Each brick is carefully designed to reproduce real car details and can be combined into a variety of different models, allowing people to let their creativity run wild and build their own dream vehicle.


This young car building block brand has gradually attracted the attention and love of the majority of car fans and toy lovers. Each building block contains the founder’s ultimate pursuit and love for automobile craftsmanship, allowing many people to re-explore and experience through building blocks The unique charm of that luxury car.

Inspired by the founder’s ultimate pursuit, millions of car fans spontaneously formed a sticky Unicarss brand culture atmosphere, and voluntarily cheered for this young building block brand. Everyone has a common dream, to build a roaring car for themselves car.

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